the upside of the downside

21 May

I’m now officially unemployed. No income. Definitely a downside.

I’m now officially unemployed. Plenty of free time. Definitely an upside.

Today when I was trying to fix a cardigan I’d washed for Nonna, Dr B asked could I maybe knit her a new one? Uuh, yeah, sure. I had to get some new buttons – my button box had nothing the right size in anything remotely approaching the right colour or quantity – so while I was out and about, I did at least buy some thick yarn that might assist in getting a result before Christmas. But, you know, as I often say, I am not a fast knitter and there are lots of other things I have to do. All the same, Nonna has never been a high maintenance person, so if I can get a plain cardie knitted fairly quickly – pretty yarn to do all the work, but stocking stitch fabric and maybe simple garter stitch bands – then I’ll think it’s for a very good cause.

That’s in between every other bit of knitting and sewing I’m trying to deal with, of course!

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