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beanie for a bonce

More work in progress.


This size by request, but with no particular colour scheme.

This just about matches the mittens, doesn’t it? However, the orange is darker and the yarn quite different. It’s the Bendigo Woollen Mills’ Murano yarn in a not-quite-finished beanie. My fear that the cables won’t show up clearly seems to be well founded but, do you know what? I’m going to keep knitting anyway. It will provide an element of surprise if someone thinks it’s a plain beanie then finds the cables.

This is for a northern hemisphere friend, who reckons if she has it by September she’ll get a lot of use out of it. I think that the sooner I get it to her the better it will be, since the weather all over the planet is unpredictable. Today is a very wet, and for me quite cold enough, day in my part of the world. A good day to be curled up knitting; so that’s what I’ve been doing. How about you?


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