bonnie bonce beanie

04 Jun

I like this beanie and it’s just my size (which should mean it will fit Dr C, as she and I are about the same size). I tagged it wrongly last time as being a different Patons pattern, but that’s part of having two books with similar patterns (one very old, one much newer, and sometimes I mix and match a bit from one to the other). It’s properly pattern 22, a Family Knitted Cap from Patons Book 483. I am not a fan of 2 x 2 rib, so I changed to a 1 x 1. Other than that, it’s knitted according to instructions. The Murano yarn that I used is nominally an 8-ply, but it feels slightly heavier to me and has knitted up to a lovely, firm finish (the cables help with that too, of course). And, you know, I even made a pompom. I’m not a fan of them and I don’t much enjoy making them but in this case, I decided I’d do as I was told. Ahem.

My usual hat model was at rowing training, so this is a very odd sort of selfie!

My usual hat model was at rowing training, so this is a very odd sort of selfie!

I like the yarn, too, but was really disappointed to find a knot in it! I mean, part of the joy of a 200 g ball of yarn is that you can just knit for a long time without having to worry about joining. That wasn’t the end of the world and luckily I caught it in time to avoid any tinking. Would I use the yarn again? Most certainly. Would I knit this pattern again? That’s also a certainty as I think this is the third or fourth time I’ve used it anyway. Would I make a pompom for it next time? Uuh, maybe not. And can you see the cables? I think so.

The only thing I had to scratch my head about was the seam. You can see I’ve ended up with distinct stripes and that’s part of the fun. However, they’re not entirely symmetrical in the usual way because they owe their existence to the yarn’s changing colours. Therefore, I couldn’t match them precisely. It’s obvious in a couple of spots that they’re just not meant to match, but I tried to keep it as even as I could. And when I say I followed the instructions, I did misread the bit about decreasing to shape the crown. I couldn’t truthfully tell you what I did there; but no matter; it worked. I ended up with the right number of stitches and I made sure I decreased similarly across any given decrease row. Think of it as a design feature. That’s what I plan to do.

Although this won’t fit YoungB, he’s much taken by it and wouldn’t mind such a thing; except that, as he rightly says, he already has quite a lot of beanies. But I don’t know. Can you have too many knitted hats to keep your head warm?


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4 responses to “bonnie bonce beanie

  1. atangledyarn84

    June 4, 2013 at 22:59

    Never too many hats!

  2. allnightknits

    June 5, 2013 at 06:41

    Never too many hats and never too many things in fall colors has always been my motto, these colors are making me jaw-droppingly jealous!

  3. Felicity from Down Under

    June 5, 2013 at 09:00

    I think you’re right about never too many hats; and I agree, the colours are warm and wonderful, aren’t they? Just the thing for cold weather.


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