working up a sweat shivering

23 Nov

Today has been like the past few days in terms of weather: cold enough that my fingers nearly froze, then sunny enough that I almost started to sweat, then back to freezing cold. Luckily, when you’re down by the water photographing rowers, as I was for much of the day, there’s plenty to keep you occupied so that you don’t particularly notice either end of the temperature scale. And judging by the number of photos I have now to edit, I can’t have had time to feel the cold.

YoungB competed in four races today, starting with the second race of the day and finishing in one that was close to the end of a fairly long regatta. We were all worn out. Dr B viewed much of the racing from the warmth and comfort of the car but I wrapped up in my old raincoat and latticework scarf – the one I finished to wear at Ballarat – and didn’t fare too badly by the lakeside, though the strong wind provided some challenges with regard to holding the camera steady.

As usual, I took my knitting with me. It languished in the car for most of the day but I managed to add a couple of inches to the purple Tarrantino scarf while we were waiting for YoungB to pack up after his last race. That probably helped my fingers to warm up again (something that seems like a silly comment when we’re staring down the last week of November, a time of year that’s usually hot). Irrespective of the climatic considerations, that steady bit of knitting made me feel remarkably productive, I can tell you.

I hope your day has been pleasant and that you’ve managed to make progress on your Christmas crafting, whatever form it might take. Productivity is the name of the game at this time of year, and we all feel virtuous when we have something to show for our efforts. Or is that just me?


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2 responses to “working up a sweat shivering

  1. seascapesaus

    November 24, 2013 at 22:03

    Yes, how change-able the weather has been. A relative is visiting from Tasmania this week and I promised her we would have a swim in the sea….. I too have been knitting, but only because of my newfound serenity not for gifts! The result was a green item (doll’s rug?) including all sorts of new stitches out of my Landsdowne book. It sounds as though you are very productive Felicity!

    • Felicity from Down Under

      November 24, 2013 at 22:25

      Ooh, yes, it would be very brrr-some to be dipping your toes in the briny at the mo, wouldn’t it? (Probably warmer than Tassie waters, though.) Thanks for your kind words, though if I sound productive I’d have to say it’s just that I *sound* that way, not that I actually am. 😉


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