the unemployment-go-round and just in case

27 Nov

Some days I sit and trawl the job sites – between waiting for emails to tell me if I have any incoming assignments for the transcription I do from home; which pays little but sometimes takes an inordinate amount of time! – and wonder why I’m bothering. They might not say it in so many words because the legislation forbids it, but many are very obviously looking for some young, silly female, preferably blonde with big hooters, who’s too young and silly to complain about the potentially sexist attitudes already on display. Other days I stumble across things for which I’m well qualified and I send off another application (electronically, in the majority of cases). Most of them disappear into the aether and I have no way of knowing if they ever reach their target audience. Very rarely you get an automatic response, which is at least a bit heartening.

Today I happened upon another in the latter category (as well as a couple in the first) and went through the same routine. This one, as it turned out, sent back an automatic response. So I wondered if this time it might be sufficiently a possibility that I should really make myself a blouse for work? Just in case? You know, I did make the reSewlution at Karen’s behest that I was going to do just that. I later put my hand up to ask if I could change it to using that lovely rayon to make a decent blouse, because with no job to go to, what incentive was there to make anything to wear to it? But a decent blouse is always useful and I don’t have many.

Allowing for the very dim lighting, you'll see there's a distinct vertical (or horizontal) look about this, so I'll need to be careful with placement.

Allowing for the very dim lighting, you’ll see there’s a distinct vertical (or horizontal) look about this, so I’ll need to be careful with placement.

In between helping Dr B with some motorbike tinkering and attending to today’s laundry and doing all that boring domestica, I tracked down the fabric and the pattern I intend to use and put it somewhere near the top of my work pile. I’ve patched YoungB’s jeans and darned them (all by hand, if you don’t mind; the skinny legs meant I couldn’t get the hole under my presser foot, even with the tubular bed freed up) so that he has a spare pair to take with him when he’s interstate rowing next week, and I’ve even done a spot of repair work on the zipper tab of a motorcycle boot for him. Do you reckon it’s my turn now? Should I do myself a favour and make a new blouse? It would be useful and it would cheer me enormously to succeed at something!


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6 responses to “the unemployment-go-round and just in case

  1. Red Point Tailor

    November 27, 2013 at 19:20

    When I was unemplyed sewing was my remedy. I have made a lot of office like garments – blouses, skirts, jackets – it was worth it! It was great to go for a job interview wearing self-made garment. And I have got the job then. And I had great wardrobe for my work 🙂

  2. pomegranateandchintz

    November 28, 2013 at 07:29

    Yes, definitely make yourself a new blouse. There’s nothing like new clothing to make a girl feel good about herself!! I do hope something looms on the job front soon.

  3. Every Stitch

    November 28, 2013 at 08:36

    OK Honey, here’s the reality.
    Right now you have time to sew yourself a kick ass working wardrobe.
    Any day now someone is going to actually read your application, recognise your amazing skill set and demand that you start working for them on Monday! When that happens all hell will break loose and you will have no time to sew those working clothes that you need NOW.
    Working clothes are not just in case sewing, they are planning for the future. You will need this stuff, and won’t have the time to sew it.
    As one unemployed to another we need to take this opportunity to create the wardrobe for the next phase in our lives; great looking professional clothes that make us feel like a million dollars.
    Put aside the mending and mundane stuff and consider sewing your working clothes an essential part of the job seeking process.
    Good Luck.

    • Felicity from Down Under

      November 28, 2013 at 09:22

      Thank you for those words of wisdom. And good luck with your job-seeking, too. 🙂


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