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shedding light with our tears

I blogged in 2007 to acknowledge the passing of one of the 20th century’s most remarkable singers Luciano Pavarotti and included some comments about my own memories associated with him. Of course I’d never met him but not for nothing had I lived in Italy where opera is a national sport and everyone has an opinion on which tenor is the best for any particular role.

Technology has defeated my acknowledging in a timely manner the passing of a remarkable human being in Nelson Mandela, but I couldn’t not do so. My personal memory around him relates to staying up late into the night (our time) to watch his televised release from Robben Island, even through the several, long delays. It seemed to be such a significant moment, full of hope for the oppressed in countries well beyond South Africa and far too important to miss.

As with Pavarotti, so with Mandela: a bright star has gone from our skies but we do not forget the light it shed in its prime.

12 Dec 2013: Apologies! My title disappeared in one of the many computer crashes and I didn’t notice! I can’t now remember precisely what I called this post, but it did related to luminaries in some way, I seem to recall. So, no, this isn’t a new post. Just the same one with a better title.

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