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but there’ll be snow

I was lying awake last night thinking that, if YoungB is in Italy during winter, he’ll get as much snow as even he could hope for. I was also thinking that he’ll certainly need a warm, woollen jumper. A handknitted one would be ideal. It occurred to me that I might have to – nay; should! – push his cabled number (from this book) up the queue and start knitting soon so that he can take that with him. One of the [many] things I like about cabled patterns is that they provide good focus points to keep you knitting: “I’ll just finish this part of the pattern before I go to bed,” that sort of thing. (Six months to knit a jumper I’d planned to do slowly over three years? Mm, yeah, that doesn’t sound at all ambitious, specially with all that other knitting I’m supposed to be doing as well.)

The first cabled jumper I ever made was for myself. I was probably 21 or 22, certainly no older. Back in those days, I knitted on the bus (I truly think the seating was less restrictive because I don’t recall being worried about bumping those in neighbouring seats) and at work (there was no lunchroom but I’d sit at my desk and knit during breaks). I’d knit from one cable row to another during the day – plain stuff on the bus and probably at work – then I’d get home and do the pattern row, possibly two lots, and it was surprising how quickly that jumper seemed to knit itself. I wore it for years. I knitted a similar one for Dr B a few years later. The pattern I’ve picked out for YoungB will require more concentration (it has a greater number of, and more complex, cables than my first venture into such realms, as well as being a larger size) and, if I’m to finish it in time, a great deal more dedication than I usually give to knitting projects.

Of course, the very first thing I’ll need to do is order the yarn – and, you know, because of all those cables, it will be lots of yarn – from my favourite supplier. Ah, that sounds like a great start to a new year, don’t you think?


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