physically here but mentally elsewhere

13 Feb

We waved YoungB off this morning, en route to state championship competition. It’s a big regatta and the line-up of competitors contains some Olympic luminaries. This will be competition at a level YoungB hasn’t hitherto encountered on quite this scale and at a fantastic venue. Of course he competed at national championships when they were held here a few years ago and you might expect that he’ll be up against some of the same competitors again this time (because they’ll still be in the same age category as he is). Of course he rowed at Uni Games last year, and the competition there was one of those unpredictable and exciting things that comes from knowing that, in any of your races, you could be up against an Olympian. Gulp.

He’s a touch tense, he admitted, but like all the athletes who get to this level, he’s put in a lot of hours of hard work to win his seat in the boat. He’s fit and his technique is good, thanks to the combination of dedication and excellent coaching. We’re keeping our fnigres corsesd for him so if I don’t get back to posting for a day or so, well, you won’t be surprised – in the sense that I know I’m erratic at the best of times! – but for once you might reckon that I have other, perhaps more important things, on my mind.

As to jungles and big cats? Yeah, I haven’t given up on that but time is ticking away. I’ll have some uninterrupted time tomorrow and that’s when I plan to put my head down and whip up something for the party. I’ll let you know about that in due course.

In the meantime, if you’re anywhere near any of the flooding and extreme weather anywhere in the world, do take care, won’t you? I could keep my fnigres corsesd for you on that account, but I doubt if would be any more effective than it’s likely to be on YoungB’s behalf.


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