an SOS from a young friend

26 Apr

One of YoungB’s mates sent out a call for help. To be precise about that, he sent out a request for a large, plain, long-sleeved white shirt. I was able to find one of Dr B’s old business shirts that met those requirements. It was clean but very crumpled but I said I’d be prepared to iron it (the sacrifices we make for our friends). And how is that at all relevant to sewing or knitting or anything else? I had to practically dismember the sewing room to get to the shirt.

I knew where it was: safely stashed in a bag, ready for some sorting and tossing that Dr B wanted to have a say in – and which, truthfully, was therefore never going to happen! – but because it was so safely stashed away and the bag was close to the bottom of the pile of bags, I had to move my sewing table, a basket of fabric, a couple of PDF patterns that take up altogether too much room, four suitcases (of varying sizes and usefulness) several bags of stored out-of-season sheets and the like plus a few other things that don’t really matter. In the meantime, the mate’s Dad had lent him a shirt, so there was no longer that immediate urgency. It’s still going off with YoungB tomorrow for him to hand it over, though, so that the mate can have it for emergency use (he has a bar and waiting job, so you’ll understand the panic that provoked his SOS when the sleeve on his present shirt ripped).

And now? My sewing room? Oh. My. Giddy. Aunt. There’s no way in creation I’ll be able to do any sewing in it for at least a week, while I put things away – and sort out some other things while I’m at it – so, you know, there are downsides to being helpful! But what would you have done? I like to think of it as helping a mate AND getting rid of some of the clutter at my place (and I bet Dr B will never know). I reckon that’s a win, really, despite the work I seem to have made for myself. 🙂

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