16 Jul

YoungB is allergic to some nuts. I think I’m allergic to how nuts it’s been here for for the past few weeks (and it’s not over yet).

Amidst all the chaos of the family lunch – no photos; I’m having trouble with the camera – and YoungB’s final fortnight in the country, I’ve been trying to settle back into the workforce because, yes, I have a new job. That’s good. It will bring in some income and keep me occupied and off the streets while YoungB is away (if it doesn’t kill me first, having to use my brain again after more than a year of unemployment). The timing could hardly be worse; but what the heck? There are other bad things about the job. It’s on the other side of town and, realistically, in order to ensure that I’ll be there for a 9 o’clock start, I’m having to leave home about an hour earlier than I used to leave to ensure getting to town by that time because I have to change buses. Some days I get good connections, other days I don’t; and standing about in the cold, wet weather we’ve been having is most unpleasant. The shortest bus route would require three buses and take more time, though it’s an option I might consider for when the weather is kinder because it involves a steady bit of walking at the end and I’m missing my exercise routines. Sitting at a desk all day in a ridiculously chilly airconditioned office is ruinous for your blood pressure and waistline.

There aren’t any good coffee shops or cafes or friendly eateries near my – otherwise salubriously located – new workplace, at least not within lunch-break walking distance. There’s a Hit and Run store (as Dr B once wrongly called it and I’m sure you’ll appreciate why the name stuck), not far away and the coffee there is acceptable; but there’s nowhere to sit down. I’m told there’s a wonderful organic coffee shop “up the road” but it’s too far up the road to be useful because it’s too far to walk at lunchtime (see previous comment). You’d think that must mean I’ll save money? I’m not so sure. I’m also not sure about whether it’s good or bad or even more nuts that there’s this fabric shop just a few doors away!


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2 responses to “nuts

  1. accordion3

    July 17, 2014 at 07:48

    A new job! That is wonderful, despite its’ inconvenience. I can’t resist asking if riding a bike would be easier? It would aim with circulation, keeping warm, the waistline, all while making large fabric purchases tricky.
    All the best with the nut thing. Our lad seems to have a mild allergy to some shellfish, but not all of them. Narrowing down which is proving harrowing.

    • Felicity from Down Under

      July 17, 2014 at 19:49

      thank you, the bike has already been suggested (somewhat tongue-in-cheek). It would take Dr B or YoungB around 40 minutes to cycle there, experienced riders as they are. Me? Well, if I didn’t go under a bus in the first five minutes, we’d be looking at about three hours, so I doubt if that’s a winning answer. But it’s a fine suggestion and you’re absolutely right about the large amounts of fabric that could be transported…


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