this was maybe tenth hour

28 Jul

You might remember that, prior to YoungB’s leaving the country, I had to replace a zipper in a pencil-case I’d made for his new digital recorder because the one I’d originally used had been too flimsy and broken on the first day. The case sat on the sewing table with the zipper and sat a bit longer and then sat a bit more. For various reasons, I couldn’t get to the sewing machine. I could barely get to the sewing room! But eventually, the day before YoungB was due to leave the country, I managed to clear a big enough space to do the necessary. And that’s it there below. Done. Useful and necessary but, you know, I can’t wear it or anything, so how useful is it, really?

Neither exciting nor difficult

Neither exciting nor difficult


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2 responses to “this was maybe tenth hour

  1. jennyrecorder

    July 29, 2014 at 09:05

    I hate those projects.
    I have son’s jeans waiting for a new press stud (and waiting…and waiting…) and finally altered my husband’s work trousers on the weekend (he’d been asked if he had slept in them- how rude!), he lost weight months ago. People are not going to look at that pencil case and say, “Wow, look at the workmanship in that zip”, it’s a zip and that’s it…
    How is you lad doing?

    • Felicity from Down Under

      July 29, 2014 at 20:08

      LOL. Oh, you speak to me with those words. YoungB had a jacket that had lost a stud. I genuinely tried to source a replacement, but couldn’t find one. He wasn’t sufficiently interested himself to take it to a repair place. So maybe it’s not just we who are asked to do the mending/repairing who are less than thrilled about it all.

      He’s having a great time, thanks, should have arrived in Rome a short while ago in fact. We’re anxiously awaiting tonight’s Skype call. :0


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