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but wait, there’s more

Plainly, I should be more careful what I ask for. There’s been a deluge of photos of what I can only describe as food porn: shopfront cabinets of delicious looking Italian sweets, bulging plates of pasta, local dishes – I wrote delicacies but that might not be the best descriptor here – that look like enough to feed an entire football team that are actually only for one and only one of several courses. Yes, in the north one eats more heartily.

And me? Well, I’m enjoying hearing all the news and loving the photos but I’m thoroughly worn out by the hours I’m keeping. Because of the time difference, we’ve found that the best time to chat online is my middle of the night/very early morning. I tell you, when wandering through a local fabric store doesn’t have me salivating and I can’t even raise enough enthusiasm to fondle any of the delicious yarn presently at end-of-season-sale prices, then things are dire.

However, I did have a happy discovery today. I’d lost one of my crocheted cowls. It wasn’t stored in any of the containers under the bed or anywhere in my bit of the wardrobe and I could not think what I’d done with it. Quite by accident, I discovered it today in a bag where DrB had put a lot of things that he’s not quite game to throw out but thinks he probably won’t use again. I have no idea how it came to be there but I promptly rescued it from possible disaster, threw it in the wash and am looking forward to getting a some wear from it these still-cool mornings when you don’t really need a long, thick scarf but you want something more than a small, silky one.

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