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seasonal stuff

I don’t mean THAT season, or at least, not really, although nature’s colour schemes might lead you to think otherwise.

I just mean the season of flowers and crazy weather and this being the sort of thing I see on my way home through the park (an example of nature’s colour scheme echoing the human overlay, you might think).

Red-flowering gum

Red-flowering gum

I mean, too, how fantastic it was that yesterday we could be sitting outside eating gelati at 8.30 pm and it would be warmish and, whats more, STILL DAYLIGHT! Heck, it’s felt like that’s been a long time coming this year.

I spent the evening in town with Youngest Aunt and Uncle, helping the former to celebrate her birthday and we had a wonderful time. I didn’t even mind having to wait for the bus. And wait a bit longer. And then wait some more because, obviously, the bus that was meant to come wasn’t coming and when one did it was already close to capacity and half the cabin lights weren’t working and it was a fairly quiet and oddly eerie trip home.

But, you know that other season? Some of those who really celebrate it already have their houses lit up like, well, Seasonal Trees, so if it was dark on the bus, it was by then light in a different way outside. And it felt quite appropriate and seasonal.

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typical cuisine / cucina tipica

During Dr B and YoungB’s jaunt about Italy on their round of rellie-visiting, they posted lots of photos of food, much of it regional specialties. In fact, it became so much a part of the journey that I complained if their daily posting didn’t include at least some food porn. Now that Dr B is back, he’s continued the theme somewhat with a few postings on a recent interstate trip: typical fish and chips (at a seaside town) and typical local wine with local half-lobster (at another seaside town). So I thought I should get into the action, too. Yesterday Dr B brought me breakfast in bed. It doesn’t happen often, but he decided that I was tired (he was right) and needed a treat. What was on offer? Why, what else but cucina tipica?

Otherwise known as scrambled eggs on incinerated bread!

Otherwise known as scrambled eggs on incinerated bread!


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