in the pink

09 Dec
There have to be more flattering angles but the Pink's the Thing

There have to be more flattering angles but the Pink’s the Thing

Today was a work day and I had to head out the door at about the same hour as usual although my destination was in an entirely different direction from usual. I wasn’t in my usual office attire, either: I was wearing as much pink – my team’s colour – as I could find (the cardigan was a late addition because the aircon was ridiculously cold). You might ask why such weirdness? Today we had a whole-of-organisation day where we played silly Corporate Games, discovered who amongst us were the truly competitive and generally laughed a lot. It’s been a tough year for many not-for-profit organisations and ours has been no exception, so this lightheartedness was an attempt at amelioration. I think it worked splendidly.

As well as discovering the cut-throat competitors, there were a few surprises, including a couple from the Pink Team. Two of our number proved to have a steady hand and excellent hand-eye coordination so that their combined score ensured we came second in the nut-piling competition. And I trounced the opposition with my rubber-band-flicking skills. In the government office where I worked way back in my youth, we held ferocious competitions at morning teatimes doing that very thing (no need to start on the psychoanalysis; we could have told you even then why we were doing it). I admit modestly that I got pretty good at it. I haven’t had such fun in years and I’ve got my boss running scared 🙂

Tomorrow, of course, it’s back to work but we’ve had a thoroughly good time away from the office. At this time of year in particular, wouldn’t you reckon that’s one of the best ways of staying in the pink 😉

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