another thing about cold weather

11 Apr
WISP - really very slow, not just slow - and likely to be frogged then reknitted; but a sock, for all t hat.

WISP – really very slow, not just slow – and likely to be frogged then reknitted; but a sock, for all that.

It gets you thinking that, this year, just for once, instead of starting the winter being cold and pretending that thick leggings will be up to the job of keeping your legs warm with short boots when you’re waiting at the bus stop, you’ll start it with some long boots already in your wardrobe. I’ve had long boots at different times of my life – a gray pair that I wore for years, including through winter in Italy – and a pair of fleecy-lined, faux suede not-above-the-knee-long-but-longer-than-short boots that I bought in London and wore to the USSR (as it still was in those days) during December and January. It was really cold there. Minus 40! Made London’s zero degrees seem quite balmy.

Anyway, I bought some long boots the other night.

So does any of this relate to knitting or crochet? Where is all this going? To handmade socks. In my experience, you do need socks under boots, whether long or short, so you have something to tuck your leggings into. Obviously, the drama with winter footwear is that your feet are enclosed and you need some sort of hosiery on them and whatever it is will almost always have seams that rub and, because you have fitted, not-open-toed footwear, there’s a danger that the seams might cause little friction burns; even if they don’t, they’re not very comfortable. Handmade socks don’t have seams. That’s one of their many attractions.

When I get to the end of the present list of knitting, if I ever do, I’ll be fossicking around in the stash for some sock yarn (or, possibly, finishing that green pair). Failing that, Bendigo have some delicious sock yarn. There’s the variegated blue, which I would enjoy and which nobody could say was anything but suitable for work since blue is one of our acceptable corporate colours. And they have other, self-patterning yarns, which I have never tried. What do you say to socks as bus knitting, with the general aim of eventually keeping my feet warm? Mindless enough, interesting enough (with self-striping or self-patterning yarn) and small enough not to require too much elbow room? Surely that would be a winning combination?

In any case, I’ve ordered some yarn and dusted off my favourite sock recipe 🙂

PS: I’m having some technical problems, which have resulted in some of my posts apparently disappearing. I say “apparently” because when I checked, they were present and correct; just not showing up. The problem is likely to be at my end, so apologies for that. My IT guru – that would be Dr B – is troubleshooting, as usual, and his success rate is reasonable.

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