how was it Monday so quickly?

06 Jan
Blue bows with glitter. Hot glue rules!

Blue bows with glitter. Hot glue rules!

Some wit has already pointed out that there are only a couple of sleeps left till Christmas 2016 🙂 I know it’s going to feel like that, but someone else suggested we should perhaps get Easter out of the way first. Gets my vote. Oh, and the 21st and the 90th and the 60th and the 30th birthdays, too. Please?

I returned to work on Monday and, although it’s often the case that I’m not entirely enthusiastic about the idea of holidays finishing, I was really not ready this year. A friend commented recently that I’m looking good. He meant rested, I imagine, because that’s one benefit of holidays, even if you’re without a car. Actually, probably all the more if you’re without a car because, unless it’s screamingly urgent (or there’s a fabulous plant involved), you don’t want to get on a bus any sooner than you have to; so you don’t leave the house much at all.

Work? Well, yeah, essential for continued wellbeing of family unit and maintaining of roof over heads but, you know? Sometimes life is more a place where some hot-glued bows with glitter on them are the only answer 🙂


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