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just call me the coffee-machine queen



All we wanted was coffee… the mugrug was optional!

Here at home, we’re on our third automatic coffee machine (in, well, a lot of years; they do sterling service, but we work them hard). Our latest one is a significant step up in quality and price on its predecessors. Dr B is being, by his lights, conscientious beyond belief about cleaning it. Or so he says. Yeah. Not so much, if you know what I mean?

This morning, when YoungB came home from work, I offered to make him a coffee. The machine told me I needed to empty the grounds. Easy, right? Particularly as Dr B had thoroughly cleaned the machine only a couple of days ago. Just empty the tray. Yeah? It wasn’t that simple. I ended up getting out the vacuum cleaner! Luckily, and it’s perhaps its only saving grace, I have a vacuum cleaner with variable power settings. On minimum suction, and with YoungB doing a very poor job shining a light on things (he obviously didn’t inherit my theatre nurse gene), we managed the job. Yeah, right.  What sort of coffee machine requires that much work??

Actually, the one at work is almost as bad. It, however, is an industrial number and – luckily for everyone – is cleaned after each round of use. I use it at major meetings that are my responsibility. Others use it for various events. Yes, it gets a lot of use and, industrial or not, it’s ageing. So, occasionally, it’s temperamental. Who do you think is the maven with all the tricks when it’s having a bad day? Yeah, that’d be me. There is no rhyme or reason to this, I assure you, because generally technology and I exist in a state of armed neutrality that occasionally boils over into active hostility.

Nothing a coffee wouldn’t fix. Right? And, sometimes, all you need is one of these.


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bucket of ordure, meet high-speed fan

I’ve been standing under it. Or it feels about like that in practically every respect.

Work: insanely busy (maybe just insane). Two attempts at a cowl: frogged. New boots: gone to holes already! Old, falling-to-bits boots: still old and falling to bits. Yeah.

But if you celebrate Easter, may it be a happy one 🙂


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or with the brim not rolled over


And if the brim isn’t rolled over, the beanie fits better because it sits closer to your head. It also keeps your ears warm.

As a matter of interest, and the spirit of full disclosure, this is how I would wear the Bloom-ing beanie: with the brim up, rather than double-rolled. In my experience, it provides a tighter fit, hence a warmer head. It also means that the crown sits flatter, rather than tending to the conical.

It wasn’t a quick knit for me; but then, as I’ve said frequently, I’m not a quick knitter. I started it on about 6 March and finished it by the KAL deadline of  31 March, so I’m not complaining unduly.

This month’s Knit Spin Weave KAL/CAL is cowls and/or scarves. I have a reasonable success rate with cowls, so I’ve signed up. Yeah. Right. I’ve already frogged two efforts!! Sigh. I don’t think I want to do a scarf, but then again…Perhaps the better part of valour might simply be to admit defeat now 🙂

I do hope that your crafting endeavours are meeting with slightly more success than mine. One beanie is good. A cowl as well? That would be even better!

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fully blooming


Nic’s Bloom-ing beanie, finished by its KAL deadline.

With some dedicated knit-on-the-bus efforts and only a couple of late nights, I managed to get the knitting done and the seams sewn. I would be lying if I were to suggest that the sewing is good. It’s not. I’ll have to do it again. I’ll also need to block the beanie. However, I met the KAL deadline.

Am I pleased with myself? Given how much ordure is being thrown around our section of the globe right now, I am inordinately pleased. Also, I am still slowly crocheting my table runner, which is the background fabric in the photo.

I hope you’ve managed to meet all your crafty deadlines 🙂

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