all in the taste

02 Sep

How good does that tea look?

Many local coffee shops are good about allowing customers to bring their own reusable cups. I’ve probably mentioned that I bought one for YoungB and he loves it. How could he not? It’s large and, you know, saves him a bit of money every time he uses it to buy a takeaway coffee. Everyone’s a winner, including the planet.

I patronise a franchise for which I have a loyalty card. I hand over my refillable, pay for the appropriate beverage, flash my loyalty card and… they call my name when the coffee is ready, without my ever having to shout over the clamour. You have to love that sort of service: personalised in a way few things are nowadays.

Sometimes, just for a change and because it’s the end of the working week, we might patronise a little Asian eatery at one of the food halls that form part of the Central Market complex. On Friday, Dr B and I tried the recently refurbished food hall. We decided that, as we were eating in, we’d have jasmine tea as our accompanying beverage. The deal is that you get the drinks from a central bar, and that’s how the tea comes: in that lovely little pot, making for both visual and olfactory pleasure.

May all your beverages be similarly appealing 🙂

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