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now we wait for the flower


You can see that there’s a bud, but it’s still too early to hazard a guess at the flower colour.

Dr B mowed the lawn and weeded the flower beds the other day, and was looking for a bit of praise. I pointed out that, actually, I’d already weeded the geranium that he included in the general “aren’t I wonderful?” photoshoot! He agreed, and repeated his frequent query as to whether that really is a geranium? Well, yes, it is; although it’s not a variety that Nonna ever grew. I was inspecting the garden this morning and noticed that there’s a bud on said plant. Why don’t we wait for that to bloom fully and then discuss whether it’s a geranium?

I acknowledge, BTW, that there’s some confusion around whether any given plant is a geranium or a pelargonium. Even the experts agree that the plants are members of the same family, so I don’t want to muddy the waters. Either way, there are many varieties and this is certainly unlike those that Dr B’s Mum grew so well. This particular cutting came from Middle Aunt and I can’t remember what colour the blooms will be… but we may not have very long to wait before that is revealed.

This plant is potted, so I’m hoping that it will fare better than the climbing geranium I transplanted from the front garden to the back, relocating it to a spot recommended by Dr B… who, rather than relocate it again, proceeded to trample all over it during building. Yeah, right. Of course it died.


It was doing quite well for a while, even had a few flowers

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