I broke my glasses!

08 Oct

They’re not much good to me like that 😀

Yesterday morning, as we were sitting at the breakfast table, I took off my glasses for some reason that now doesn’t matter. And, bing, off fell one of the arms. No, it wasn’t a screw loose (either me or the specs), but an actual break in the thin metal. You what?!

Luckily, I always keep an old pair for precisely such scenarios (generally expecting it to be a broken lens), so I’m not blind. Things are certainly a little fuzzier, however, and I definitely couldn’t drive. But they’ll get me out of a jam while I take the broken pair to the optician to assess likelihood of repair. In the past, I’ve had different coloured arms because of similar breaks, so I anticipate that’s what will happen with these.

May all your arms remain unbroken, no matter the provocation 🙂

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