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07 Nov

If you can see the tree from the office window (I had to go to someone else’s desk, but that’s a legit view), it must be OK to sing Christmas carols. Right?! 😉

Another week or two flown by, with allergies continuing to make life miserable. The temperatures are beginning to climb and remain consistently higher, so a lunchtime walk is a wonderful thing (as long as you’re medicated to the eyeballs to prevent sneezing attacks, of course). The building where I work is “smart”, but what that means in practical terms is constant gloom and a cold office. The only place it’s warm and bright is the bathroom!

On our morning bus trip, YoungB and I have observed that the official Christmas decorations are beginning to appear on buildings in the city centre. The trumpeters are up on the heritage-listed Adelaide Arcade balcony. Above a newer development, silver trees grace the portico. A group of Santas is making itself at home above the Cross. As if that’s not enough, the Christmas Pageant takes place on Saturday and the Christmas tree is up in the Square, ready to be lit.

All in all, we agreed it’s reached the time of year when you can whistle Christmas carols at work without fear of annoying too many people. Or at least, a time when you can defend your choice of music. I pointed out to YoungB that, if you have a reasonable repertoire of little-known or even practically unknown Christmas carols you can whistle them pretty much year-round without anyone being any the wiser. To be fair, I have yet to be called on my efforts. Thanks to years as a church organist and a good memory for words I do have such a repertoire, which includes some carols for which I cannot find any online references. I mention in passing that I know a different melody from the one illustrated at the link, which is the one you’ll hear most frequently in a number of online versions).

Christmas is shaping up to be a less grumpy season that has hitherto been the case, which is undoubtedly as simple as all of us being too exhausted to muster sufficient energy to evince grumpiness. Last weekend we attended an All Souls’ Day Mass at the cemetery where the Nonni are buried, talked Dr B into addressing a longstanding sartorial lacuna, helped a friend celebrate becoming a senior, and made the trip into town for another author talk, to mark the launch of Garth Nix’s latest YA fantasy title. Naturally, YoungB and I lined up to get our copy signed.

Earlier this week we marked death anniversaries and a birthday that “would have been”, and that’s about how it will be for the rest of the year. Birthdays and busy-ness. But, you know, able to be made bearable by no-longer-so-surreptitious whistling of cheery melodies. YoungB has brushed up on his singing and dusted off this irreverent version of Frosty the Snowman.

May all your melodies be similarly cheerful, no matter their origin 🙂

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