same old year’s end

30 Dec
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Last year’s Boxing Day pavlova; but this year’s looked very similar and tasted just as good 🙂

On Boxing Day we attended the annual “family and friends get-together” at Youngest Aunt’s. Some of those attending are, for us, more “friends by extension”, whom we really do see only that once each year. As you’d expect, we always have plenty to catch up on. Annual photos of the event indicate that we are mostly creatures of habit when it comes to food and clothing, and life is none the worse for having that comforting familiarity.

Our usual contribution is pasta – either fresh homemade or good quality dried – but this year we took bread (from one of Adelaide’s many Italian bakeries). In the spirit of sustainable gift-giving, our present to Youngest Aunt and Uncle was a tin of homemade biscuits. They looked scorched, but didn’t taste at all burnt – so that was a bit weird – and were pronounced by all present as very toothsome. YoungB would be happy to take some with him for his New Year holiday up the River. As worthy a cause as he is, I simply don’t have the energy to stay up late to tackle the baking when the house is a little cooler. That may have to be something we do in the new year.

May all your festive cooking and outputs be tasty and toothsome 🙂




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