and another one

21 May

Walking-trail company to watch the sun come up – hence the gloominess of the shot 🙂

YoungB and I capitalised on Sunday’s sunshine, of which, we agreed, there’s undoubtedly a dwindling amount available as winter knocks at the edges of our daylight hours. We went for another walk in a nearby recreation park. This one was kinder to our knees, a shorter, less rugged and less steep trail, and we made reasonable time (an hour or so, I think, to walk about four kilometres). We did a mix of trails, which was easy enough because they criss-cross frequently, and deliberately kept climbing to a minimum.

Interestingly, I was stiffer after that shorter, kinder walk than after the previous week’s gruelling endeavours! I won’t be doing any more walks with YoungB. Our fitness levels are so disparate that neither of us gets full benefit or enjoyment from the outing. We enjoy each other’s company, but might have to limit it to sharing jokes at the dinner table rather than sharing the great outdoors. He’s fit enough to jog part of the trail, I clump along in my boots and feel grumpy!

But we could get lucky and see a few more of the locals if we really made an effort 🙂

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