the one that didn’t work

12 Jul

This one just didn’t do it for me, though it’s a lovely pattern.

It’s a funny thing that, although I loved the flow of this pattern, which has the added advantages of being quick and easy, I genuinely disliked that colour scheme (even more than any of the rainbow squares). I’m not entirely sure why. It is probably a pattern that works best with a single colour, but might also provide a spectacular result with a light-coloured, variegated yarn. Oh, well. Win some, lose some.

The yarn is once again 8-ply Lincraft cotton so I can no doubt put that square to good use for some sort of table covering, or as gift-wrapping for an ecologically-minded recipient.

I’m now trying to conquer C2C crochet, so I have a little TV-crochet project. There are many tutorials online. I’m using the second-nastiest acrylic yarn I have ever worked with – the nastiest was so plastic it squeaked – but it holds surprisingly good stitch definition, meaning that I can see what I’m doing. The bright colours also help with that. And, like the cotton square above, I’m sure it could be put to good use around the house. It might make a very good out-the-back blanket for cool evenings, but certainly couldn’t be used a gift-wrap for anyone who’s at all ecologically minded.


Awful yarn, but bright and cheerful

I bought the yarn for a yarn bombing exercise in which I was then unable to participate. It has languished in my stash for a number of years, being not quite the right texture or colour to form part of any other stashbusting project using acrylic yarn – such as, for example, Youngest Aunt’s giant not-quite-granny-square blanket or my little knee rug.

May all  your yarny projects work out as you intend 🙂


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2 responses to “the one that didn’t work

  1. Judy

    July 22, 2020 at 15:11


    Long time reader but I don’t think I have ever commented! But I had to tell you that I laughed at your squeaky nasty acrylic yarn comment. I have become such a yarn snob that I now refuse to use acrylic for my crochet projects. My justification is that it is hard on my hands. So I’m doing less projects but with quality yarn, the whole quality not quantity argument. Bendigo Woolen Mills are my favourite yarn supplier.

    What is also amusing is that my daughter has taken up knitting as her preferred COVID yarn craft and has also become a yarn snob: “good grief Mum, that stuff should be fire rated” she says while fondling yarn in Spotlight when we were allowed out.

    Stay safe and thank you for your writings.

    • Felicity from Down Under

      July 27, 2020 at 15:16

      Hi, Judy, and thank you for commenting. I know it does sound snobbish to prefer natural fibres, and I appreciate that for some folk they can be problematic, but I think your daughter has the right idea 😀

      Thanks for our well-wishes, and the same to you wherever in the country you are (particular best wishes if you’re in Victoria).


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