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day’s end indoors again

Reduce, reuse, recycle… it IS a gin bottle, but that’s water. Honest!

Just like that, another working week has vanished. I remain WFH, which does not equate to slacking off, so at this busy time of year, the flexitime tends to accrue. The weariness builds up commensurately. I reached Friday evening so exhausted that, when my network connection kept dropping out, I took it as a sign that I should finish a few minutes early: by the time I’d stoked everything up again, assuming it were stable enough for me to do so, it would have been time to shut down and finish for the day, anyway. So, yes, that was plainly not happening.

YoungB and a mate had planned a camping jaunt for the weekend, but the weather forecast was so ill-suited to camping that they – reluctantly but, I think, sensibly – called it off. While the predicted storms have not yet eventuated (there’s still time), it would have been an extremely cold and fairly miserable experience. They will probably try again when the weather is kinder. By way of compensation, he took his car off for a drive in the Hills with another friend, and mentioned perhaps taking in a movie – nicely indoors and protected from the weather in either case.

For me, it’s been a good day to stay indoors and try to untangle some family research: which Timothy Murphy is the right one? Is that other Murphy family anything to do with mine? Probably; but if so, it’s a long way back and before they came to Australia. Is that Thomson there going to cause confusion with the Thompsons in the same line, and the Thompsons in the other line? Genealogy: you have to love it. Luckily, I do; although they are all genuine questions and, yes, sorting out who belongs where requires dedication and a certain amount of muttering about repetitive naming patterns.

Dr B, meanwhile, has been in the shed reupholstering a couple of motorbike saddles. Yes, I know. It’s become his current obsession, but he has enjoyed the work and saved some money. You’re right to assume that, by this stage of his life, he already has most of the tools required, so it’s been mostly a matter of purchasing fabrics and padding. I’d be all sorts of a hypocrite if I complained about that, wouldn’t I?! He bullied cajoled YoungB into reupholstering the passenger saddle on his motorbike, too.

Whatever you’ve been up to today, I hope it’s kept you out of the worst of the weather 🙂


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sunshine, greenery and birdsong

Snow in Tasmania. News photo by Mathew Robinson

It’s still winter and, from my perspective still cold despite the sunshine. In other parts of Australia, today was decidedly cold, as the photo illustrates.

But here, although I wore my beanie till lunchtime, there was sunshine, and there were birds chirping in the bush outside my “office” window. These are things I could not enjoy were I at the office, and I acknowledge they are some compensation for what has been a technologically abysmal day.

May all your technology behave, no matter your snow level 🙂

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