bicraftual intentions

02 Jan
I could craftily crochet while enjoying the sunshine and sea breeze

I’ve decided that I can claim to be fluent in both knitting and crochet (in that order, with knitting slightly the better). I can also claim proficiency in embroidery and other sewing. What that boils down to most of the time is that I can make mistakes in many media and your average punter wouldn’t even notice.

This might explain why I’ve decided that I will crochet a temperature blanket for 2021. I have wanted to join CALs or KALs in the past, but been unable to fit them into the chaos of life that sometimes derails the best of plans. This year, I need to do something that isn’t dictated by what other people want. Having said that, I note that if YoungB ever gets his act together to choose a jumper pattern, I will happily do that alongside the blanket. In any case, I have begun well by recording yesterday’s temperatures and noting that there was no rain.

Australia is in a confirmed La Niña weather pattern, so it’s possible I might not need to worry about there being any days above 40 or below zero. This would mean that I could manage with a smaller palette than I might have needed the last couple of years. Who can say? I’m researching layouts and assessing yarn options. I have almost decided on a minimum and maximum temperature-only two-row solid granny, joined by a single additional colour. I would add a different colour for the border.

All the best with whatever crafty medium you choose to express yourself in during 2021.

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