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blue with cold

Deep blue for my coldest temperatures. People who know these things would probably say it’s a warm blue; but it’s my blanket and if I say that’s cold, it’s cold. Photo BWM

My fingers often approach blue when winter is serious enough. As for the temperature blanket? it’s recorded a temperature that called for the allocation of Indian blue (temperatures ≤ 2.9oC). By the time I reach that stage – crocheting that square, I mean – I’m sure there will be other such days. As tempting as it is now simply to make that square for the heck of it, as something to look forward to as a milestone of some sort, and so I can contrast it with the hottest day, I haven’t and I won’t.

The Indian blue is a lovely colour, as you can see from the photo, and I’m going to be very pleased with myself when I do reach that square. In the meantime, I’m trying to keep my fingers warm but not crocheting as much as I’d like. Work is cranking up to a busy period and I’ve had an unexpectedly social week outside work. Luckily, the blanket doesn’t mind waiting.

Whatever colour your fingers may be, I hope they’re nicely warm as you manage to keep up with your crafting.

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back past the hottest day

Bright magenta getting its first outing. All ends woven in.

I haven’t done too badly with crochet this weekend. The weather hasn’t been conducive to long hours outdoors although I managed to potter about in the garden for a while on Saturday morning and it looks better for the attention. Laundry has, necessarily, been undertaken but hung indoors.

That square with the purple outer edge represents our hottest day so far this year. I don’t anticipate the magenta will get another outing until much later in the year, but I know that the holly – which is the outer edge of the square to the left of the purple-edged one – has a bit more of a run coming up in the next row. That’s the sort of colour you’d expect in any representation of Aussie summer, according to Dr B. He was utterly unconvinced about the magenta.

In terms of recording temperatures, I have now reached the point where maxima match earlier minima. This means that the pale eucalypt and powder blue will see lots of use. I would like to stay home and crochet all day, so that I could finish row 2 and make a start on row 3, but tomorrow is Monday so the paid employment beckons.

I hope you’re also having a few colorful spots in your crafting endeavours 🙂


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lots of rosemary

Chrysanthemums because they’re traditional

On Mother’s Day, my mother sometimes visited the cemetery where her own mother was buried, and put a bunch of white chrysanthemums on the grave. I’ve not had the opportunity these past couple of years to do the same for her. So, it having been Mother’s Day last Sunday, I bought some flowers from a local seller just down the road. I’d have been happy to add coloured flowers, too, but their bunches weren’t particularly well mixed. One coloured flower, lots of white ones and half a bush of rosemary was the sum of my endeavours. The rosemary came from our garden.

The Bs were out on with their motorcycles, so I made the northward journey alone. Traffic was moderate in the suburban fringe but, as ever, once you turn off the Sturt Highway, there are few other vehicles to worry about.

I scrubbed and polished the granite and swept up the leaves. If Dr B and YoungB had been with me, we might have sung a chorus or two. I hummed as I worked. That’s legit enough.

If you celebrate Mother’s Day, I hope yours was enjoyable.


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round the corner

I’ve started doubling back

This week felt non-productive in terms of crocheting the temperature blanket. All the same, I reached a significant milestone: I turned the first corner, as you can see from the photo. I’m now about halfway back along the second row. I sat in the kitchen to crochet, so I could see what I was doing. The few nights I’ve watched TV, I haven’t been able to crochet; hence the drop in productivity.

Has your productivity been similarly affected by too much TV-watching?

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disappointingly bureaucratic

Maintaining cafes is not a KPI

Our office recently had a series of meetings with one of department’s senior management people, who’s visiting from interstate. On Friday, I was one of the just-enough-space-for-us people who gathered around a table to hear management’s view and contribute some views of our own.

It would be easy to be cynical about such an exercise, but I was doing my bit to be positive and make positive contributions. Then the manager repeated the message about it being necessary for us to work in the city rather than from home so that, as a logical outcome, we can patronise local coffee shops and help boost the economy.

No. I don’t care how you wrap that, it is indeed nonsense. I understand that those who rise to high bureaucratic levels have a sturdy tolerance for bullshit but the rest of us? Yeah, nah. That’s remarkably on the nose.

I hope your management people are more realistic?!

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