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adding those holly days

A little patch of hot weather back in February

I have been plugging away at the temperature blanket. Last night I added the squares that represent a few hot days back in February. From my present viewpoint, I can say that there are – that should be NO – more such hot days on record, although there undoubtedly will be before the end of the year.

YoungB quietly reminds me that, “It’s nearly July, Mum. Don’t you think you’re dragging the chain?” he says.

I pointed out to him that, while that is undoubtedly true, I am precisely where I am with no further work required: all those jolly ends are sewn in. I have had a couple of production line runs, where I’ve made a pile of same-coloured centres because I could take one ball of yarn with me on a car trip. Generally, however, I’m sticking to the “make a square, add a square” method, and I’m pleased with my progress.

I hope you’re pleased with all your crafty endeavours, too?

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well and truly blue

That’s quite cold enough, thank you very much!

May finished with a couple of clear, frosty nights followed by days whose minimum temperatures were near zero. That will be a good little patch of Indian-blue centres to indicate how very chilly the mornings are now. The official first day of our winter was much milder. That was never going to last, and hasn’t. There’s already been a day whose square will have an Indian blue centre and a periwinkle blue middle round. Short of a day so cold that it will need two rounds of Indian blue – not impossible, but unlikely – then that’s the coldest sort of square the blanket will have; and there will be enough to be noticeable.

I have wimped out entirely with the early morning walks. I do a slightly shorter, but perhaps brisker, walk at lunchtime most days. That’s often quite heroic, especially if it involves climbing up any stairs. And, in a fit of something – I’m not sure what – I’ve signed up to one of our office’s teams for the Corporate Cup challenge. Because we have a 20 minute round trip office-starting point-office, most of us have elected the shortest distance. We’re encouraged to participate on the clear understanding that it’s done in our own time.

Have I actually done any more of the blanket? Yes. I was out and about last weekend, being a passenger for many of the kilometres covered, so I managed to make a few centres that use the same colour. It’s not my preferred methodology but you have something to show at the end of your work. If it’s visible, it’s progress. Right?!

I hope your progress is all visible, too, no matter how blue your temperatures 😀

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sparkle those windows

Not quite Spiderman, but impressive and colourful

You might think I spend all day looking out the office window, rather than sitting at my desk and working. Not true. It is, however, true that, if I hadn’t looked out the window at precisely the right moment the other day, I’d have missed one of the delights of high-rise living: window-cleaners.

Do you have quite such a spectacular view from your office?

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