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blanketing the days to Christmas

Taken late at night, before packing up. Blanket-like.

Only so-many days till Christmas, I keep hearing. The number isn’t great and it’s constantly reducing. I recently calculated that I would need to make two squares per day to finish my temperature blanket by the end of the year. Logistically, that’s not impossible. If I were to dedicate serious amounts of time here and there to making more than two squares per day, I might even catch up.

I spent yesterday taking it easy because my moon boot is now off. Hooray!! However, I’d been standing about for far too long after work on Friday and the “once this was broken” part of my foot was the least of my aches and pains. I hurt all over and didn’t want to move far, so I set up my bag of yarn in the spare room. I worked out from two centres I’d done earlier (same colour) and added those. Then I made two more squares. Then – and this is the most surprising part – I worked all the way back to the end of the row. It took me hours, but I did it. That’s row 7 completed.

Today, I have done two the first two squares of row 8, as well as lots of laundry and sundry domestica. I’m hoping I might get a few more made and attached before it’s time to sort out tomorrow’s work wear and something to put on my feet.

Weekends are never long enough, I know, but I hope you’ve had a pleasant one.

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weeds and blooms

More or less most of my garden, although there is another geranium

I’m still clumping about in my moon boot. Because it tends to make me unbalanced, I’m not being particularly dedicated about outdoor activities that require bending over. I might tip beyond a point of no return. This obviously includes weeding my small garden. I think you can see that in the above photo. I’m pleased that the flowers are blooming and the nearby apricot blossoms are also flourishing. YoungB is looking after his potted plant well enough that it has several new shoots. I don’t know if that counts as dedication, but it’s not full-scale neglect. We’re in front.

I am dedicated enough about my crochet that I’ve now finished working back along row 6 and am just over halfway along the row 7 squares. One night, I was so tired that it took me three or four attempts to get just one centre right. I read that as a message and went to bed once I’d finally finished the square and attached it to the blanket.

There’s a run of periwinkle centres in this row, so I’ve made a few. I’m attaching middles in batches, too, where there are repeated colours. There are no rules about the best way to get it done. Sometimes I can do batches, sometimes I can’t. Sitting at home is better suited to that sort of piecework approach, because I’m far less likely to lose anything. I can hide away in the spare room while the Bs watch TV.

I hope you’re finding pleasant hiding places, too, when you need a break from the madness of the outside world.


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be your own caring friend

If not cocoa and biscuits, perhaps time in the garden

One piece of advice we’ve received from upper management is to talk to ourselves as we would to a very dear friend going through tough times. It’s greatly to the point when you’re so exhausted that one 32-stitch round of crochet is beyond you.

You’re doing well, you would say to your friend. You’ve had an exhausting day dealing with grantees who are doing their best to understand government jargon, which is rarely as “plain English” as it ought to be. You’ve been polite and helpful in every email. You haven’t snapped at anyone, colleague or grantee. You’ve encouraged your colleagues when they were flagging. And you’ve done all that after commuting in bumpy buses with one foot in a moon boot, then staggering over uneven pavements and crossing tramlines without falling over.

Here, you’d say to your friend, have a big mug of cocoa and a biscuit. And, you might also say, remember to keep taking the painkillers.

On Thursday, I had certainly reached the point of needing that support from some caring friend. I thought finishing one square and adding it to the blanket ought to be achievable, but I was wrong. Last night, while the Bs were otherwise occupied, I did better. I managed to finish and attach a couple more squares. The blanket doesn’t care. YoungB isn’t really all that fussed, either. He ribs me gently about how far behind I am, but he also encourages my efforts.

Dr B looks up from the innards of a computer every now and then to pass on news of his old friend in palliative care, who looks terrible but is in good spirits, and life rolls on. We’re all simply that bit more exhausted than we want to be. YoungB has worn himself out doing a month’s worth of domestic work in the week between finishing his last job and starting his next one. The sense of achievement is worth the weariness, I think.

Once in a while, we pull up a spot at the sofa and all watch some TV series that’s been recommended, then spend hours dissecting what we liked or disliked about it. Sometimes the themes are too close to the heart to be comfortable, but that provides other avenues for being a caring friend and to make sure we’re all managing. We are.

Whatever your lockdown or work situation, I hope you’re managing too; and you could do worse than be kind to yourself if things are tough. Remember, you are doing well. You’re doing a great job.


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