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hunting gremlins in the harness

Demolition progress, sans gremlins I think

The simplest things are often the most mystifying. What the Bs were up to on Saturday wasn’t earth-shatteringly difficult or blokes-only motorcyclist business, although I loved YoungB’s description of it. They were fault-finding a longstanding ignition problem on one of the motorbikes. While they were doing that, I was working back along the enclosing of row 15 of the temperature blanket. They found their fault, to whoops of joy, and I finished the enclosing PLUS made the first square of row 16. While finishing those ends, I also finished ends on two centres I’d made during my cityward commute on Friday.

Yes, I had a day at the office last Friday, in my role as First Aid Officer! We have to ensure cover if there’s anyone physically at the CBD site and the roster reached me. The office was practically empty and, therefore, weirdly quiet. I’m back again next Friday in the same capacity, but otherwise continuing to WFH. The real benefit of the commute, however, was that it enabled me to produce another couple of centres for the ever-lengthening temperature blanket.

Oh, and being right there in the CBD with that high-rise-view gave me a chance to check the demolition progress. Impressive!

I hope your views are all equally impressive 🙂

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wet weekend

YoungB’s view Dhilba Guuranda-Innes National Park. Photo © Gianluca D. Pompili

Last weekend, it rained. Heavily. Nothing daunted, YoungB and a friend took off for an overnight camp at the bottom of Yorke Peninsula and Dr B kept plugging away at matters motorbike. For my part, it translated to little of note involving outdoor activities and a chance to catch up on crochet and reading backlogs, interrupted by the barest minimum of domestica. A winning plan. Right? It was.

By the end of the weekend, row 15 of the temperature blanket was fully attached and ready to be enclosed, and I’d almost finished Book 2 in the sci-fi series I’m trying to read a step ahead of YoungB. That was as much energy as I could muster. I certainly didn’t have sufficient mental fortitude to tackle either of the serious books YoungB has sent in my direction with glowing recommendations; too much effort!

Whether or not you’ve had rain, I hope you’ve been able to take some time out from everyday domestica and do something for yourself.

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Only a few neutral squares remain 🙂

It’s presently too hot and sticky to be adding squares to a now quite hefty, woollen blanket, so I’ve been stockpiling those I’ve completed. In the evening, when it’s usually cooler, I work along the row and add them.

I’m plodding along row 15 now, which required a neutral square to denote the end of September. When I pulled out the pre-made stash of those, I realised that there are not many left. That’s just another indicator that, although I don’t feel as if I’m going anywhere with anything, the amount remaining – of rows, of stockpiled squares, of pre-made neutral squares – is now significantly less than the amount of any of those already behind me.

I hope your work is also progressing, even when it feels as if it’s come to a standstill.

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when negative is positive

Quietly staying home and quietly making progress

Negative COVID tests are positive things. All of ours have been negative so far. A few people in our wider circle – family friends, workmates – have doubtless heaved a positively huge sigh of relief on receiving their negative test results. The situation affects not only those directly afflicted but also those required to undertake precautionary quarantine.

Our team video-link catch-up early in the week suggested that we’re all fairly flat, and more or less waiting for our local supermarket – wherever that might be – to be the next exposure site. We have to eat, meaning that we need to do some shopping. For most of us, supermarkets are places where there’s greatest chance of exposure.

One workmate said his previous employer had offered him work over the Christmas break. The former employer had so many staff isolating because of either a positive test result, or being a close contact, that he had nobody left that he could ask. My workmate had turned down the offer because he, too, was in precautionary isolation and the work not of a type that could be done from home.

Another workmate wondered if she’ll ever get out of precautionary quarantine, as she and her toddler son are the only members of her large family who are consistently testing negative. Her husband, her siblings and their partners, and her parents are all at varying stages of positive, and she is a close contact of all of them.

Fortunately, we are WFH, and will continue to be so on a tailored plan. Some personnel may be required to work in the CBD now and then. If there are staff in the office, then WHS legislation requires that first aiders be present, to ensure cover in case of accidents. It’s quite a bumpy playing field for now and predictions as to how long things will be like this are shaky.

As much as possible, then, we’re staying home. I hope you’re able to do that, too.

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science is fun

Youngest Uncle is a scientist. When I showed him and Youngest Aunt the temperature blanket in its present state – unfinished, but with enough structure to make sense – he immediately said, “Periodic table of the elements.” No, although that’s been done. However, when I explained the idea behind the 2021 temperature blanket, he understood what it was about. As brilliant as Dr B is, he really doesn’t have a clue.

Youngest Uncle then asked the sorts of questions you’d expect from a scientist (or, to be fair, any serious academic, including Dr B). Had I kept my notes? Would a scale form part of the blanket? And was I going to have a QR code anywhere?

My responses were something like yes, I have all my notes. They will form part of the accompanying explanatory booklet. Yes, I have a swatch for each of the colour ranges, setting out values. And, what? A QR code?!

I thought he might mean I should simply crochet a mock QR code as the last square of the year. That could be done. He meant print a real one on fabric and attach it to the blanket, but make sure it’s linked to a web page where all the explanatory information would be available without needing to print a booklet. O-kay.

I see the humour in having a QR code – given that 2021 was certainly ruled by them – but wonder about the longevity of something printed on fabric that’s likely to fade and/or fray faster than the blanket to which it’s attached. I think you’d still need the explanatory booklet. Considering that, I may – just for the heck of it – look at redoing the final square so that it is immediately reminiscent of a QR code, if less detailed than some of these images. YoungB is also a scientist, and would certainly appreciate the joke.

Wherever you are and whatever you’re up to, I hope you’re also finding some scientific levity in the early-year. We may need to hang on to that sense of the ridiculous for the challenges that lie ahead as we once again slide into precautionary quarantining and WFH, and keeping a close eye on exposure site reports.

We’ve got this. Remember?

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