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do year-long projects take a year?

The nature of temperature blankets is that they represent the temperatures for a year. In my case, the year is 2021. Had I commenced with the year and done a square a day, I couldn’t have done it in less than a year. I started late. I try to catch up, but it’s probably foolish to expect that I’ll catch up by very much. In other words, I’ll finish it a year from the starting date; more or less.

That appears to be how it’s going, if we include the border in that calculation. If we talk about the basic blanket, all squares enclosed all the way around, there’s a chance – a slender one, but a chance – that I might finish it in a shade under a year. It would bring great joy if that were its status by YoungB’s birthday, which occurs a few weeks from now.

I’m not holding my breath, as that will certainly require fewer interruptions than life generally holds, whether they be work-related or family considerations. I’m doing my best to ignore distractions. I’m also reminding myself that doing a long border – no joining, no fancy footwork – will be quicker than doing squares, despite the increasingly enormous number of stitches it will involve.

We’re transitioning back to largely office-based work in a week or so, alas. On the bright side, that may assist with progress while I’m still doing squares. I can’t take the entire blanket with me on the bus if I happen to be at an enclosing round, but the production-line centres are still an option. They are fewer than through the cold months, but there are still some rows with numerous same-coloured centres – and, as the photo shows, they’re often powder blue centres.

The length of yarn used will total a few kilometres. I’ve yet to calculate that properly. Weight calculations are tricky, for all sorts of reasons, but the weight of the finished blanket will be over 2 kilos, possibly over 3 kilos. I can say with some certainty that it’s going to be Very Heavy when wet. And, whether it takes a calendar year, or less or more, the grand total of hours involved will be greater than 380.

If you’re doing a year-long project, best of luck with shaving off a few days here and there 🙂

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