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back in business


Nothing to do with specs or books, but look at this beautiful iris, which somehow escaped transplanting 🙂

Mending the existing specs frame proved impossible. However, by great good fortune, there was a frame in stock that was the right design and size, and whatever colour it is (slightly different from the original, I think, but I don’t much care because once the specs are my face I don’t see them). I was delighted to find such a low-cost solution and am once again restored to reasonable vision after what were a fairly rough couple of days.

To wind up the week in pleasant style, last night Youngest Aunt and Uncle, Friend E, and Dr B and I attended a “meet the author” talk by Aussie crime writer Chris Hammer whose new title Silver was released earlier this year. The talk took place at a library that’s probably halfway between the others’ southern-suburban residences and our northern-suburban one, and a lovely walk out from the City for me after work, so it was a winner all round in that respect.

We have all been readers of pretty much anything from an early age, and Youngest Aunt and I freely admit to being lifelong whodunnit aficionados, so we didn’t need the added incentive of wine and sandwiches that were included in the ticket price… but they were very nice, and it’s always good to support local wines and wineries. And, you know, thanks to my new specs, I could see everything that was going on and what was in the sandwiches!

May all your literary events be equally as clear and delightful 🙂


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yeah, whatever, but hot

Spicy pumpkin soup (image from Taste)

Sure, it’s officially spring. The memo hasn’t quite reached whoever is responsible for things, because today was bloody cold. Work was simply tedious and repetitive and we all had brain drain very early in the piece. When lunchtime finally arrived, I went to a nearby cafe and sat there to eat a bowl of spicy pumpkin soup (recipes abound; here’s one), all civilised like at a table and everything. The soup was piping hot and delicious. Who could disagree with that on a chilly day? I certainly couldn’t.

Plainly Dr B couldn’t, either, because he’d prepared minestrone for our evening meal. A case of twice as much is twice as good?

May all your chilly days be accompanied by as many tureens of soup as you think you need to get through the workload! 😉

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or just eat at your desk

Funky? Or just a hangover from a failed attempt?

Office equipment includes sit-stand desks and the latest telephones. IT service is occasionally slow. In such a large organisation, I dare say the IT team would say they’re understaffed and trying to meet unrealistic expectations, but meeting KPIs.

Interstate visitors think we have a “funky” office. Whatever that means. The whole “precinct” is presently being redeveloped, so it’s potentially a comment on more than merely the single floor of the building we occupy. The area is fairly drab but will be more appealing once updated: that’s scheduled for completion by April next year.

In the meantime, I note there are two kitchens, one large and one small. The large kitchen lacks adequate seating and tables. The small kitchen has none. Plainly, there’s encouragement to leave the office at mealtimes. There are days when you’d like to be able to simply pull up a spot of table far enough away from others that you wouldn’t feel obliged to interact, and not do anything much but eat your lunch, without it being obvious that you’re just not in the mood. Tricky.

There’s a nearby indoor/outdoor eating area that’s a hangover from a previous development that didn’t go as planned. It’s somewhere to sit but not appealing on a cold, wet, windy day; or, I imagine, when the weather is very hot.

So, yeah, may you always have somewhere pleasant to eat your lunch 🙂

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neighbourhood noises

If you don’t have your own barbie, or guest numbers exceed your backyard capacity, many local councils provide facilities such as these.

It’s the time of year when all the neighbourhood lawnmowers are kicking up a racket, and many of them are also throwing lots of grass cuttings into the air. Airborne bits of other highly allergenic plants mean that YoungB is utterly miserable with hay fever. I’m not far behind. But, you know, it’s warm enough that a load of laundry will dry on the outside line, which we both find gratifying because it means our work clobber is suddenly a great deal easier to manage and maintain.

Although the coming week is forecast to have cold nights, the days are definitely improving with regard to temperatures and we now have considerably longer daylight hours. It’s not warm enough to move meals entirely outdoors, but lunch is certainly a viable option for al fresco dining. I expect we’ll soon be stoking up the barbie on the weekend. As you’d doubtless agree, a BBQ can be as simple or complex as you like, but the drifting aroma of fried onion and those “scorched outside and half-cooked inside” sausages is an unmistakable part of the Aussie summer. It’s also far more enjoyable than the drifting grass.

But, hey, who could capture better what an Aussie BBQ is really about than the truly inimitable Eric Bogle? As you’ll see if you go to the link, that’s a 1982 recording. I can only say that, after all these years, I still get a laugh out of that song. I hope you, too, might enjoy Eric’s keen observations of what is a quintessential element of the Australian summer.

May all your sausages not taste like fried toothpaste 🙂

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Others also enjoy using the park

It always helps to have some nice things to look forward to, don’t you think? With that idea driving our decision, Youngest Aunt and I have decided that we should make a regular week’s-end, after-work, tea-in-town date. The first of them is scheduled for this coming Friday, with a Chinese restaurant already chosen.

I anticipate we’ll drag out our diaries and set up the rest of the year so that we have similar cheery get-togethers planned. That will provide ample opportunity for us to sample other Asian cuisines in and around the Central Markets.

Occasionally, YoungB and I almost get our buses to coincide on the way home, which means that Dr B is able to make one trip to pick us up. I personally think that YoungB must have a far better relationship with the Doc than I do, because when our “reaching the terminus” bus times DO coincide, I’ve never had to wait. This is most unlike the too-numerous-to-mention times I’ve been left out in the elements for far too long when it’s been just me awaiting a homeward lift. Huh.

Now that the evenings are lighter, YoungB and I don’t always ask for a pick-up from the terminus. Sometimes we walk home together through the park, enjoying the opportunity to distance ourselves from traffic. That’s something else to be cheerful about.

May all your walks in the park be equally cheerful 🙂

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rolling along


Local wine, ideal with our shared seafood platter. Photo copyright Chain of Ponds Winery

So it was Father’s Day last Sunday and we celebrated by taking Dr B to a late lunch at a favourite, nearby eatery. It’s always noisy, but waiting until after the worst of the rush helped keep the volume bearable. We had coffee and cakes elsewhere and were ready for a nap by the time we came home!

That might have been because of the delightful wine that YoungB selected for us. We brought home the unfinished bottle, along with half a pizza. That was dinner organised!

I hope your Father’s Day was an enjoyable occasion 🙂


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all in the taste


How good does that tea look?

Many local coffee shops are good about allowing customers to bring their own reusable cups. I’ve probably mentioned that I bought one for YoungB and he loves it. How could he not? It’s large and, you know, saves him a bit of money every time he uses it to buy a takeaway coffee. Everyone’s a winner, including the planet.

I patronise a franchise for which I have a loyalty card. I hand over my refillable, pay for the appropriate beverage, flash my loyalty card and… they call my name when the coffee is ready, without my ever having to shout over the clamour. You have to love that sort of service: personalised in a way few things are nowadays.

Sometimes, just for a change and because it’s the end of the working week, we might patronise a little Asian eatery at one of the food halls that form part of the Central Market complex. On Friday, Dr B and I tried the recently refurbished food hall. We decided that, as we were eating in, we’d have jasmine tea as our accompanying beverage. The deal is that you get the drinks from a central bar, and that’s how the tea comes: in that lovely little pot, making for both visual and olfactory pleasure.

May all your beverages be similarly appealing 🙂

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