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and is it really nearly midwinter already?


Recent flurry of floral activity in the garden

I think we all know the answer to that.

Knitting progress? Not quit nil, but very slow. Crochet progress? Minus – that is to say, I’ve had to unpick the little I’ve managed. Sewing? Nil. Surviving? Yep, we’re managing that in the face of some serious setbacks. We might not be the creators we once were – I couldn’t tell you how long it is since any of us was involved in a live performance – but I think we could safely claim that we are survivors.

It hasn’t all been horrible. YoungB graduated. Yeah!! That’s not his afternoon ceremony, but one from the following morning. I thought you might like a glimpse of the lovely (nowhere near as old as you might think) hall in which Adelaide University graduations take place (as did Youngest Aunt’s in the late 1970s and Dr B’s in the early 1980s). Eldest Aunt (who graduated interstate) and Youngest Aunt attended the ceremony too, so we made plenty of noise when YoungB’s name was only slightly mispronounced – the small matter of a gender change with his middle name! – and he was presented with his two testamurs.

We had some time to kill between the end of the ceremony and our dinner booking. So we dodged downpours to consume coffee at the nearby Art Gallery cafe, then tramped up side streets to a trendy, inner-city bar with wondrous heating, for more refreshments. Youngest Uncle joined us at the celebratory dinner here, where our attentive waiter plied us with some spectacular wines. It was a long and tiring day, but a most worthwhile celebration. Well done, YoungB. That was a long half-decade, but you did it.

But it is true that matters medical, matters of family history, matters of world uproar and domestic repercussions, matters of friends and some of their woes have all tried to tip us off the planet this year. All the same, here we are. And in a delightful twist, a visiting cousin’s recent – joking – insistence on needing a splayd to eat his slice of orange-and-almond cake was met with provision of the requisite implement; a set of which had been a wedding gift from his parents. Impressive stuff. Right? Dr B was actually more impressed by the fact that I knew precisely where to go to locate the splayds. Plainly, there’s a great deal of chaos but it hasn’t yet overwhelmed us.

May your world still be wobbling on the usual orbit, and remember that fingernails don’t have to be talons to enable you to hang on. 😉



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in the pink

There have to be more flattering angles but the Pink's the Thing

There have to be more flattering angles but the Pink’s the Thing

Today was a work day and I had to head out the door at about the same hour as usual although my destination was in an entirely different direction from usual. I wasn’t in my usual office attire, either: I was wearing as much pink – my team’s colour – as I could find (the cardigan was a late addition because the aircon was ridiculously cold). You might ask why such weirdness? Today we had a whole-of-organisation day where we played silly Corporate Games, discovered who amongst us were the truly competitive and generally laughed a lot. It’s been a tough year for many not-for-profit organisations and ours has been no exception, so this lightheartedness was an attempt at amelioration. I think it worked splendidly.

As well as discovering the cut-throat competitors, there were a few surprises, including a couple from the Pink Team. Two of our number proved to have a steady hand and excellent hand-eye coordination so that their combined score ensured we came second in the nut-piling competition. And I trounced the opposition with my rubber-band-flicking skills. In the government office where I worked way back in my youth, we held ferocious competitions at morning teatimes doing that very thing (no need to start on the psychoanalysis; we could have told you even then why we were doing it). I admit modestly that I got pretty good at it. I haven’t had such fun in years and I’ve got my boss running scared 🙂

Tomorrow, of course, it’s back to work but we’ve had a thoroughly good time away from the office. At this time of year in particular, wouldn’t you reckon that’s one of the best ways of staying in the pink 😉

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seasonal stuff

I don’t mean THAT season, or at least, not really, although nature’s colour schemes might lead you to think otherwise.

I just mean the season of flowers and crazy weather and this being the sort of thing I see on my way home through the park (an example of nature’s colour scheme echoing the human overlay, you might think).

Red-flowering gum

Red-flowering gum

I mean, too, how fantastic it was that yesterday we could be sitting outside eating gelati at 8.30 pm and it would be warmish and, whats more, STILL DAYLIGHT! Heck, it’s felt like that’s been a long time coming this year.

I spent the evening in town with Youngest Aunt and Uncle, helping the former to celebrate her birthday and we had a wonderful time. I didn’t even mind having to wait for the bus. And wait a bit longer. And then wait some more because, obviously, the bus that was meant to come wasn’t coming and when one did it was already close to capacity and half the cabin lights weren’t working and it was a fairly quiet and oddly eerie trip home.

But, you know that other season? Some of those who really celebrate it already have their houses lit up like, well, Seasonal Trees, so if it was dark on the bus, it was by then light in a different way outside. And it felt quite appropriate and seasonal.

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typical cuisine / cucina tipica

During Dr B and YoungB’s jaunt about Italy on their round of rellie-visiting, they posted lots of photos of food, much of it regional specialties. In fact, it became so much a part of the journey that I complained if their daily posting didn’t include at least some food porn. Now that Dr B is back, he’s continued the theme somewhat with a few postings on a recent interstate trip: typical fish and chips (at a seaside town) and typical local wine with local half-lobster (at another seaside town). So I thought I should get into the action, too. Yesterday Dr B brought me breakfast in bed. It doesn’t happen often, but he decided that I was tired (he was right) and needed a treat. What was on offer? Why, what else but cucina tipica?

Otherwise known as scrambled eggs on incinerated bread!

Otherwise known as scrambled eggs on incinerated bread!


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please don’t think this is retaliatory

Coffee and cakes

Coffee and cakes

It’s the least I could do, don’t you think, just make sure to get my piece of the culinary action? The Aunts and I did precisely that on Sunday afternoon and it was most enjoyable. Youngest Aunt and I plan to have a second round next Saturday. You know that old saying about cats being away and mice playing? I think that’s probably apt, don’t you?


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but wait, there’s more

Plainly, I should be more careful what I ask for. There’s been a deluge of photos of what I can only describe as food porn: shopfront cabinets of delicious looking Italian sweets, bulging plates of pasta, local dishes – I wrote delicacies but that might not be the best descriptor here – that look like enough to feed an entire football team that are actually only for one and only one of several courses. Yes, in the north one eats more heartily.

And me? Well, I’m enjoying hearing all the news and loving the photos but I’m thoroughly worn out by the hours I’m keeping. Because of the time difference, we’ve found that the best time to chat online is my middle of the night/very early morning. I tell you, when wandering through a local fabric store doesn’t have me salivating and I can’t even raise enough enthusiasm to fondle any of the delicious yarn presently at end-of-season-sale prices, then things are dire.

However, I did have a happy discovery today. I’d lost one of my crocheted cowls. It wasn’t stored in any of the containers under the bed or anywhere in my bit of the wardrobe and I could not think what I’d done with it. Quite by accident, I discovered it today in a bag where DrB had put a lot of things that he’s not quite game to throw out but thinks he probably won’t use again. I have no idea how it came to be there but I promptly rescued it from possible disaster, threw it in the wash and am looking forward to getting a some wear from it these still-cool mornings when you don’t really need a long, thick scarf but you want something more than a small, silky one.

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as you do


He said it’s a 1.2 Kg bistecca alla fiorentina. He also said he didn’t eat it all by himself.

I asked YoungB if he’d please post more photos so I’d have something to show Nonna. That was his response. Nonna will love it – she has a good sense of humour – but it wasn’t entirely what I had in mind!

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