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because the BOM was wrong!

It gets very murky when there’s a large group

The BOM forecast a wet, stormy weekend. It sounded likely to be so dire that the Bs’ long-planned and eagerly awaited motorcycle tour of Yorke Peninsula was called off. Has there been any rain? Less than 5 mm, which is hardly the deluge promised. They were disappointed, but agreed that the decision had been the right one, given the information available at the time.

YoungB decided that, if he couldn’t do a motorcycle tour, then he’d compete in today’s Triathlon SA event. Once again, off we went to the wrong side of the Lake. While the promised gale was absent, conditions were certainly colder and rougher than at the previous event. YoungB admitted that he struggled with the swim, despite its being somewhat shorter. It’s the nature of group swims, I suppose, that the water is choppy. You’d reckon visibility at surface level is close to nil, and the turns are clearly awkward, with everyone trying to find the shortest way around the buoy.

Last time, YoungB said he suffered from vertigo after the swim leg. I’d suggested he follow the example of one of the top competitors who always – we’re told; always – sits down to put his shoes on. It wasn’t for very long, but YoungB said it really helped. He was through the transition in good time. I lost him once he was on the bike because his new trisuit is not sufficiently distinctive that I can pick it – and therefore him – at a distance. I cheered him again when he came back through transition, which he exited quickly.

I’m reacquainting myself with the DSLR in sports mode, but I’m slow to shoot because I take too long to ID the competitors. This means I won’t be putting up my hand for any official photography, unlike all those years where I wielded the school camera more often than ours. Even so, I have a few photos to edit for the cause.

I hope your weekend went according to plan but, if it didn’t, then I hope that you were able to come up with an enjoyable replacement.

And may your preparation for Tinsel Time be far smoother than that water 😀


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from the other bank

There was no danger of getting tangled in the reeds

We’ve spent many years cheering rowers from the southern side of the River Torrens, and watching the occasional boat find those reeds rather than clear water. This morning’s Winter Duathlon started from the northern bank. It took place on nearby running paths and roads closed to other traffic. The morning was chilly but bright.

YoungB has what many would describe as rower’s thighs. More kindly, you might say that his genetic makeup is such that he would be better suited to track cycling. His chunkiness was out of place among the svelte outlines of the other competitors. Unsurprisingly, those beefy thighs and his years of endurance and commuter cycling paid off on the ride leg.

Because he knows his limitations as a runner, today he competed in the short course duathlon: shorter distances for both run and ride legs. He didn’t do badly in the first run leg, but made up a lot of time and lifted his overall place significantly by zooming along once he hopped on his bike. He was slow transitioning onto the bike, although he transitioned off in good time. He looked tired at the end of the second run leg, heavy-footing it up the last rise to the finish line.

Tired or not, he came second in his course/gender/age category. That was a good result for his first competition and he knows what he needs to work on so that he can do even better next time. There we’ll be: same time, same place in about four weeks from now.

May all your transitions be as smooth and speedy as you could wish 🙂


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