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swaps and juggling acts


Never believe that hay fever is a trifling unwellness.

It’s hay fever season, and we’re all afflicted. After months of carrying a backpack holding gloves, a beanie and an extra scarf just in case, it’s now time to lighten the baggage load somewhat – well, you know, step down to a lightweight scarf that you can roll up and stow in your pocket, as well as going for a slightly smaller handbag.

Yeah, sure. But how do you manage that when you need to cart a pharmacy’s worth of antihistamines with you wherever you go?! The thing is, if you don’t come up with some suitable carrying arrangement, it’s entirely too easy to end up looking the way I did in that old photo: so swollen your eyes are almost shut, and gasping for air. That was the holiday where YoungB ended up in hospital with an allergic reaction, and – to be honest, and retrospectively assessing the degree of swelling – I probably would have benefited from medical attention, too. Obviously we both survived, but hay fever season remains a remarkably miserable time of year even with pharmaceutical assistance.

May you find the right balance with regard to both medications and handbags 🙂


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