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but not too serious


Discreet enough, because you’d have to look hard to see them when I’m standing up!

For a recent job interview I chose to wear silly, spotty socks. The blue trousers and jacket, and the understated floral blouse, were completely unobjectionable. Corporate, but comfy and, even more importantly, warm! As for the shoes and socks, who looks at your feet, really? Only shoe afficionados, perhaps, and people like me when standing at bus stops. I’m often pleased to see the relatively low proportion of ridiculously high heels on female passers-by. They wreak havoc on your back and make your feet hurt.

These sturdy shoes are showing signs of wear – after more than seven years, that’s hardly surprising – but remain a good option for walking in the city while nodding in the direction of “doing the corporate thing”. Because they have heels, they make me a little taller, which isn’t such a bad thing. However, the heels are not so high that my podiatrist wrings his hands in despair.

May your shoes also get the nod of approval from your health professional 😉

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