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been busy

Things were a little quiet while I knitted furiously to finish Eldest Son’s scarf. I did have to stay up till fairly early in the morning, but it was finished, tied with a ribbon and packed into a bag with a lavender bag and the card in time for Dr B to take with him to the birthday party.

Also, I’ve finished Boy’s beanie, which is certainly progress. The strange thing is that I made it to the correct size and it’s too big for him and if I’d had any sense at all I’d have known it would be because he has quite a small head. Eldest Nephew, for whom I knitted another beanie using that pattern, would probably get quite good use out of the one I’ve ended up making for Boy and vice versa. The blue beanie I made for Eldest Nephew was a shade on the small side for him because I misread the pattern and used the wrong size needles and he has a large head. Maybe they could do a swap?!

And I’ve unpicked Youngest Uncle’s fingerless gloves, which I guess is progress of a sort if not altogether what I’d hoped for. Okay, back to hoping they’ll show a bit more rowing before I reach the point where my eyes won’t stay open any longer. Are you managing to watch your favourite sports?


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winter lavender

Do you regard weekends as rest days or achievement days? Here it’s been a cold day and there was rain overnight. However, the weather fined up and I was able to hang a load of washing on my new clothesline. Of course it didn’t dry so I had to bring it in and hang it again inside BUT it finished drying reasonably quickly. While the sun was shining, I picked some lavender from the bush in my backyard. It has gone nuts just lately and every time I walk over it to drag the clothesline from the wall to the pole, I stir up the perfume. Now there is a very large bunch of it drying in my sewing room. By Christmas, it will doubtless be going into some lavender bags to accompany fabric gifts.

Harvested from my garden

In between those sorts of capers, I have knitted some more of a scarf, decided I was too tired to tackle the beanie and tinkered a bit with those fingerless gloves. Unpicking seems like the best solution to that problem and then just knitting a flat pattern, except that lately my sewing up hasn’t been very good. At least the scarf I’m halfway through won’t take much extra work; there’s no sewing up and only a few ends. So it’s been a day where I feel as if I’ve achieved very little, but sometimes you need days like that, especially on the weekend. Me? Sometimes, and today has been one of those times, I regard weekends as rest days.


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who needs hair dye?

Apparently I don’t, because my hair exactly matches my scarf. Or is it that my scarf exactly matches my hair? (You know the one I mean, the one I describe as black-and-white but isn’t quite.) The colleague who made that comment also commented, quite unasked for, that it’s a lovely scarf. Accolades on such an awful day as we were having today? Yes, they’re worthwhile.

You’re possibly wondering why I’m not busily knitting Youngest Uncle’s fingerless gloves? I’ve struck a problem with the pattern, which says one thing in one breath and directs you to do something else in the next. I’ll have a closer look at the Ravelry page to see if there are any corrections posted. Meanwhile, our weather has descended to wintry temperatures and I’m feeling a distinct need for my own fingerless mitts at work. Right. Better get off the computer and back to the knitting then!


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lavender bags

Production line lavender bags

A few people have asked how I make the lavender bags. There’s nothing secret or patented about them, so I’ll try to put together a tutorial at some point. Not tonight, obviously, and perhaps not until after I’ve managed to finished proofing the textbook that’s occupying me significantly and certainly not until after I’ve finished Youngest Uncle’s fingerless gloves; but sometime.

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going quiet

I’ve reached the point in Youngest Uncle’s fingerless gloves at which I need to concentrate, so I’m now unable to capitalise on the opportunities where I could knit and watch TV (which I don’t do very well at the best of times) or knit and read (an even worse combination; I’m either knitting or I’m reading). If I’m gone for a few days, you’ll understand that I’m just being a diligent crafter working hard to complete a project, not a lazy blogger about to be spoken to very sternly by the blogging police. Sometimes, going quiet is a better option than going quietly.

Before I go, however, I should comment on the Cleckheaton Country Tartan 8-ply yarn that I’m using. It’s wool but it’s machine washable and spin dryable. I know there are plenty of people who frown at that, believing that treated wool is somehow less worthy than untreated wool. As far as I’m concerned, ease of laundering is a powerful consideration. And the yarn is really very nice: it’s soft and the colour is interesting but serious enough for Youngest Uncle (he’s a scientist, after all). It should be just the ticket. All right, then, off I go to be a serious knitter.

If you’re crafting this weekend, I hope you’re making good progress too. See you on the other side of the concentrating, whether that’s between thumb and fingers or beyond them all I’ll have to wait and see.


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yarning again



It’s so hard to get good models these days

Excuse the above photo, please. Like many bloggers I struggle to take photos of myself (I know about tripods; it’s the auto setting on the digital camera that defeats me and I don’t have long arms). It does, however, give you an idea of the neck warmer that was today’s me-made article of clothing. Believe me, photographed flat on a table it could be anything.

The neck-warmer is an affordable take – all right, dirt cheap because the yarn was out at clearance prices – on this pattern from the wonderful folk at Purl Soho. Of course I didn’t use the stipulated yarn. It sounds as if it would be to-die-for soft, but it is w-a-y beyond my budget. I used something soft that knitted up to a similar tension/gauge (sorry I can’t tell you any more detail; yarn and needle size were things I originally noted in my craft diary but I haven’t been able to retrieve that since the computer crash).

The problem I encounter with the finished product, pretty and soft though it is, might relate to the yarn I used. Then again, it might relate to the design. I can’t be entirely sure though my suspicion is that the called-for yarn would only minimise the problem, not eliminate it: the buttonhole stretches dreadfully and you end up with a misshapen object that doesn’t look as smart as it might. No matter. It IS soft and it IS pretty. It’s also warm. Because of the clever triangular shape, it’s a garment that would ideally accompany a high-buttoning jacket or coat. Today, my jacket didn’t meet that description, so I confess to having been somewhat chill around the bit of me that was below the neck warmer and above the fastening on my jacket.

In other yarn news, I’ve begun Youngest Uncle’s fingerless gloves. I’m making these and you can see a few problems already, no doubt! Youngest Uncle is not an adult female. He has large hands. I don’t have the right yarn. Again, no matter. I shall use the Cleckheaton Country Tartan 8 ply yarn that I bought for the purpose and keep the same size needles called for in the pattern. That should mean I get slightly larger gloves (which should, therefore, fit Youngest Uncle comfortably) but I don’t have to give myself headaches making too many alterations on the fly.

It’s possible I might want to make the cuffs and truncated fingers a shade longer, but those changes are easily made and tracked. It’s the pattern for doing the fingers that I needed help with. Some kind soul has already done it in an in-the-round design. Perfect. I don’t imagine I’ll finish the gloves this weekend but as the forecast is for chilly weather, knitting sounds like a very useful thing to be doing. What are you plans for the weekend? Knitting? Or something far more exciting? May it be an enjoyable one, whatever you’re up to.


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