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grumbling grumpily

Have you seen that Grumpy Cat about on the web? (I haven’t linked to any of the pages; but I’m sure you could google it for yourself if you haven’t yet encountered the fabulous feline.) In any case, that was pretty much how I felt yesterday as I battled my trans-seasonal cold and tried not to cough and splutter like a car that’s running on too few cylinders.

I wrote several posts but they all sounded as grumpy and unreasonable as I felt. You don’t need that! I wasn’t sure that I needed it either, to be truthful, so I put myself to bed early. In an effort to restore my usual ebullience, I’m intending to repeat that plan tonight with the addition of fishing out a piece of easy knitting to keep me occupied while I read the electronic news in bed. Do you reckon that will make my grumpy grumbling diminish?


Posted by on September 30, 2014 in Health, Knitting, Musing


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