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We Skyped with YoungB for about 30 of them last night, catching up with the news of his first week at Recanati. It seems there’s a smallish class of mixed nationalities – Chinese (but Cantonese speakers, so bang goes the idea that YoungB could maybe brush up on his Mandarin), Belgian and Mexican – and that they do thorough work. It’s clear from what he said that they are going over stuff he’s already learnt but that’s all to the good because reinforcement aids retention. He said the cultural activities have been very enjoyable and often don’t finish till quite late – the one scheduled for later in his day would have seen him back in his lodgings around 11 pm – so it’s no wonder he’s looking tired.

Dr B has spent many anxious minutes with Nonna. She was fitted with new hearing aids one day last week and the following day had already lost one of them! I’m pleased to say it has been found but you’ll understand that he was somewhat stressed – actually, make that very stressed – about all of that. On a more positive note, he’s had quite a lot of minutes being pummelled by a physio and is feeling the benefits: looser muscles leading to ease of movement and a reduction in the pain and discomfort that have lingered from his minor motorbike accident some weeks ago.

I have felt overwhelmed by different sorts of minutes this same week – leading me to think that the smartest investment I could make in my own sanity would be to attend this workshop – because it’s one of those times of year where four official meetings come pell mell on top of one another. Taking minutes is easy. Redacting them? Not so much! It’s also the time of year where the AGM and annual report loom large as projects that have to be dealt with, and I’m the one who has to drive them, in among more minutes (and too few, perhaps, of the first sort of minutes in which to deal with all of those). So we’ve all been busy and now it’s the weekend, for which we are heaving heartfelt sighs of relief.

I hope your minutes have all been wonderfully productive but that you’re able to relax for quite a lot of them over the weekend. 🙂

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