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FO: chevron-style scarf

The little scarf I made is just a single-repeat version of this lovely pattern which is, as I said, simple enough to require minimal concentration. I used 6.5 mm needles and one skein of Moda Vera Faith yarn which is described as 2ply/laceweight. After blocking, it’s about 6 inches/15 cm by 68 inches/172 cm. It wasn’t intended to be for me (I had it in mind for the FO/emergency gift container) so it was nice to find a recipient for it at a family dinner recently. We were celebrating what would have been my Dad’s 100th birthday and a newcomer to the family, hailing from a warmer clime, didn’t have a warm scarf. Obvious answer? Giver her this one.

Remember, it's about the scarf, not whether I've tied it well or it.suits me!

Remember, it’s about the scarf, not whether I’ve tied it well or it.suits me!

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not smug, just satisfied

That would be me as I start finishing off a few projects I’ve had lying about the place for a while, including the chevron-style scarf that wasn’t really lying about the place so much as something quick to keep me occupied while I thought about which other project to tackle next. I don’t like huge amounts of unfinished projects although I think they’re a necessary part of how I knit (different projects for different purposes). I’m even just about ready to get back to Nonna’s cardigan.

More immediately, however, I tinked a couple of inches of my Noro Silk Garden scarf and am now making good progress on that. Being simply a two-row sriped 1×1 rib (knitted with two balls of yarn and definitely inspired by Jared Flood‘s mouthwatering version), it’s good sit-and-knit stuff and does me nicely for commuting in the car (if perhaps not so well in a bus because it’s on straight needles). That will be a good thing to have out of the way and ready for use. Winter is definitely here, however late it might have been in its arrival, and I need a good, thick scarf. The chevron-style one is lovely as a neck warmer but it’s not really heavy duty enough for those cold, cold morning walks that I undertake while YoungB rows and Dr B cycles.

As to Nonna’s cardigan? Yeah, well, I’d have been a little less hasty about using the old one as a sizing template if I’d seen her in it before I cast on for the new one. I washed and mended the old one, as much as I could, and sent it back to her. Then we happened to go out somewhere and I saw her wearing it. Though I don’t doubt it was originally the right size, by now it’s obviously too small. Oh, dear. So I’m actually going to have to frog 13 inches of work on a cardigan knitted in one piece to the armhole. You can see why I’ve stalled on that for a while. I know she’ll love a new cardigan and all that, but, you know, I’m feeling a bit defeated there and wondering if I’ll actually have enough yarn. We’ll see. I’m sure I can come up with some sort of solution, but I need to keep knitting while I’m thinking about what that solution might be.

Once I finish the Noro scarf, I have a couple of other small projects that I can probably get back to before I need to tackle the cardie again (I’ll frog it and leave the yarn to de-kink in the meanwhile). There are some mitts and a pair of lovely socks (the latter for myself) that ended up at the bottom of the list for a variety of reasons mostly relating to other people’s need for other, more important and definitely more urgent, things. Those little undertakings deserve to be shaken off and finished so that I can then devote some serious time to the Ursula mittens, doing a cardie of some sort for Nonna and making a start on YoungB’s jumper (that would be the one I’m going to make for his 21st birthday in three years’ time; if I start soon, I should finish it before the due date). In between times, I have to convert some old pillowcases to garments for a ski trip – don’t ask; just think uni students and general silliness – and get our messy house into some semblance of order! Yeah, right.

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whiling away the hours


Stashbusting some Moda Vera Faith in a much more purple colourway than the photo would suggest

I’ve often said that I need simple projects to occupy me when I’m multitasking: a plain scarf or beanie while reviewing the family’s daily diary after dinner or perhaps something with a simple pattern for car travel where I’ll be expected to sit in the back but still participate in conversations I can barely hear. That means the Ursula mittens are off the agenda for a while. Presently there’s too much coming and going and toing and froing for me to be able to get the requisite hours of uninterrupted time. The above chevron-style scarf is complex enough to keep me interested but not so much so that I can’t deal with other things. And it’s made using yarn from stash.

As far as the mitts go, I’ve checked out a few finished projects on Ravelry and people seem to be getting them made quite quickly. I might also be able to do them quickly but, as I frequently say with brutal honesty, I’m not a fast knitter. It would pay me to wait until I have a better amount of uninterrupted time. If I’m still unemployed when the next semester of uni gets going, my days will be more my own and that could be a good time to ignore everyone and do my own thing for a while. Of course, if by some miracle I’ve found a job by then, I’ll have to rethink my knitting plans entirely. That would be a nice dilemma to have, I suppose, but for now I’m quite happy to keep on with the knitting. How about you?


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bus knitting

By bus knitting I do not mean that I am knitting a bus or anything for a bus, merely that I knit while travelling on a bus (or perhaps that should be in a bus). My current bus knitting is the easy lace cowl (Ravelry link). Yes, it’s making splendid progress for something that grows by only four rounds a day! True to name, it’s an easy pattern, easily remembered. There’s only one pattern round, by which I mean a round that is other than straightforward 5×2 ribbing. My commute is about two rounds’ worth, so I’m careful to work just enough of the next to indicate to me where I need to pick up: one repeat of the pattern past the round marker or one less than the round. So far, the system has worked well. Some days I am too tired to knit and other days the trip is too bumpy. Tonight’s homeward journey was definitely in the latter category.

I haven't quite decided whose neck will be kept warm by this little beauty

I haven’t quite decided whose neck will be kept warm by this little beauty, though it will probably be Middle Niece’s

The yarn is soft and fluffy and presently keeps my hands warm on days when the bus aircon is at a temperature where peripheral vascular shutdown is a likely outcome for passengers. It’s a colourway described as a blue mix and so it is, with a lot of soft grey in it too. I have another two untouched skeins – I’d bought it originally with something quite else in mind but, you know, this project came along and I thought it would knit up nicely – that I might use to make something else that will keep my hands warm on the bus now that winter is on its way. Laugh at me now: our overnight temperature dropped to 20 degrees and we were shivering; and for tomorrow the forecast minimum of 13 degrees has us shaking our heads and agreeing that we’ll need to rug up for our morning activities. Anybody else wanting some more hot weather for a while or is it just me?


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