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cyclic or circular?

I think I mean cyclic, in the sense of things coming around at intervals or repeated patterns. But you could make an argument for circularity and I wouldn’t argue because you might say that the progression of time has brought a progression of interests and that the interests feed the demands, which are then fulfilled by whatever it might be, which will probably feed into the next interest and so it goes on.

Cyclic being the frequency with which the spokes pass a certain point and circular being the shape of the wheel

There was a time when Dr B and I were building our own home. In those days, each new issue of The Owner Builder magazine was greeted with cries of joy and added to the pile of loo reading. Back then it was still a black-and-white publication but, as now, full of valuable tips and stories from fellow owner-builders that made us laugh and groan in about equal parts. We featured in it once (I wrote that article).

These days, Dr B and Boy are cyclists. We went through a phase of Bicycle SA‘s Cycle! magazine being the preferred bog reading (we now read the enewsletter and magazine online and it is difficult, though not impossible, to take a computer to the loo with you) and, yes, we featured in that, too. Dr B and Boy were such regulars in photos and ride reports that I was prompted to pen an article about how tough it is being a scorned non-cyclist in this situation despite your manifold other contributions, without which none of what they do would be possible. A slight exaggeration, perhaps, but no matter. It wasn’t intended seriously.

Nowadays, the cries of joy greet the appearance in our mailbox of Audax Australia‘s Checkpoint magazine. Oh, yes, we’ve all had a part to play in that, been mentioned in dispatches and what have you. Dr B is the main participant, of course, but Boy has done some Audax rides and I’m frequently cited in my support capacity. A few issues ago, so many of the ride reports had been written by Dr B, so many of the photos were his, that it was an embarrassment to be associated with him! I haven’t yet had an article published in Checkpoint but that’s only because I haven’t written it. Yet. The time will come around when I do.

In utterly unrelated – but relevant because it’s about crafting – news, I have several times managed to knit while waiting for people and have now completed 18 rows of the band on Boy’s beanie. That’s nearly halfway, so I think it’s going along quite well. Also, he and I have had another conference about the sweater design, just to be sure we agree on it before I start cutting.


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