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beanie for a bonce

More work in progress.


This size by request, but with no particular colour scheme.

This just about matches the mittens, doesn’t it? However, the orange is darker and the yarn quite different. It’s the Bendigo Woollen Mills’ Murano yarn in a not-quite-finished beanie. My fear that the cables won’t show up clearly seems to be well founded but, do you know what? I’m going to keep knitting anyway. It will provide an element of surprise if someone thinks it’s a plain beanie then finds the cables.

This is for a northern hemisphere friend, who reckons if she has it by September she’ll get a lot of use out of it. I think that the sooner I get it to her the better it will be, since the weather all over the planet is unpredictable. Today is a very wet, and for me quite cold enough, day in my part of the world. A good day to be curled up knitting; so that’s what I’ve been doing. How about you?


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rescued beanie

Oh, all right, I wasn’t going to be able to lie down anyway (because I knew it would make me cough fit to break a rib), so I sat up and rescued that beanie. Interestingly, the further I went with the rescue, the more evidence I found of having undertaken such a task previously. Aha! No, I have no idea when. I’ve no memory at all of having done so. Having said that, when the rescue was complete and the last end snipped, I turned up the brim and found myself confronted by a somewhat wavy brim. That rang a bell.

But no matter that the brim might be wavy with a large turn-up, it’s obvious to me that I didn’t intend this beanie to have one of those (I’d have knitted it longer to accommodate that) and it sits fine with the shorter one that you see below. In any case, Dr B uses them both as nightcaps, so I don’t see that it matters much if it is a bit wavy, so long as it doesn’t fall off during the night. It’s now guaranteed not to do so.

Much more useful

In other knitting news, Youngest Uncle’s fingerless gloves are still sitting on the ironing board waiting for me to work out what to do with them. What? You don’t do that with your problem projects? Well, I never. I can do that for years with mine (see my 13 November 2011 post about the jurby) .And at the top right-hand corner of the photo you’ll probably see a bit of blue and some grey. The blue is the Stephanie shawlette I dragged out to assess recently. I shall simply have to get to work and unpick back to the mistake, then finish it off. It’s reasonably pretty, very soft and cuddly, and I would find it useful in the colder weather we’ve yet to endure.

As for the grey? Yes, that’s Boy’s sweater fabric, with its pattern.

Don’t be fooled; it works fine for men, too

But, you know how life throws little unexpected projects into the mix? Boy has done that by deciding to go on the school’s annual ski trip (it’s his last opportunity and although some might say we should be sternly telling him he must study harder, he’s simply not that sort of person so we’d be wasting our breath and causing a lot of unnecessary aggravation all round). He needs a new beanie. It won’t be one of these. It won’t even be this pattern because I have found that, even with the brim rolled up a couple of times, they’re simply not warm enough. I wore such a thing, made with good quality wool, through a snowy, Italian winter and, for all that I loved it, it needed assistance to cut the mustard; or I did to keep warm, whichever way you like to look at that.

I’m happy to knit Boy a beanie like Eldest Nephew’s, though I won’t use the same colour. I’ll use the same Patons pattern 27 from Book C46, Winter Warmers. It’s called a family hat. That will provide a lovely, dense fabric for him, with a long 2×2 rib to turn over twice. I cast on in the car this morning, while we were going to the city together to drop Dr B for some minor day surgery. Boy walked to school from the surgery, I came home. Today I’m home rather than at work not because I’m unwell but because I long ago booked an annual leave day so that I could be around to drive the invalid and stuff.

I’m meant to be back at work tomorrow. Though that presently seems unlikely, it’s true that a good night’s sleep might work sufficient magic that, even if I still sound like Ivan Rebroff at the lower end of his range (or Ezio Pinza; you take your pick, though I doubt I have the smoothness of Pinza’s delivery), I’ll have done with coughing and sneezing and be able to put on a not-too-ghastly face. Rest is a powerful restorative. And it means I’ll probably have a lot more energy for all that extra knitting I’ve suddenly acquired.


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