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only a few rounds left

The end is almost in sight

Last night, I sat up late, working on the blanket, because I couldn’t sleep. It’s not sensible when you know you have an early start, as today I did; but it’s sometimes unavoidable. Might as well be doing something useful. Right? As a result, I have commenced the final colour of the border, which is viridian. I am – as you might be able to see – part-way through the second round.

I’d originally half-planned to work the entire border in viridian, to pick up on the colour of YoungB’s futon sofa. Obviously, that’s another plan that changed, but no matter. We’ve plenty of colour choices, and now that I’ve completed the bits that used several different colours, I think I can truly claim the blanket is very close to finished; very close indeed.

We have a surprisingly busy weekend ahead, so I doubt if I’m going to finish all the viridian rounds in the available spare time, but I will certainly keep plugging away at it when I can.

Whether or not you have a busy weekend, I hope you, too, are able to keep plugging away at your almost-there-but-not-quite projects.

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definitely gaining

The border is wider, and I’m ever closer to finishing it

I had a day of WFH that included two long, must-attend online meetings, which didn’t require my input. In that case, what do you do but grab your in-progress blanket and keep yourself warm while working? Right? I did. The days here are getting colder, so a toasty blanket is definitely a winner. Somewhat surprisingly, we haven’t yet turned on our space heater but we’re not going to be able to hold out for much longer.

It’s interesting to note how tired we all are. We remain, astoundingly, COVID-free, although wider family members have been less fortunate in that respect. There are days when I think that the ongoing uncertainty and the tedium of daily RATs is all too much. YoungB is exhausted and despondent and we’ve only just begun winter. He is looking forward to having the blanket, so I must away and do some more rounds while he is out at salsa classes. They provide some light relief and physical exercise that is undoubtedly good for him.

I hope you’re also able to find some light relief, whatever form it takes.


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comparing but not really

Little visible progress on the border

That would be me on the border of the blanket. When the rounds get this long, you sometimes can’t easily see the progress. You’ve worked steadily for what is a significant chunk of time and you still haven’t finished the next colour!

Their progress isn’t obvious, either

The preparation for the remodelled GPO, however, is a bit the same. It has reached a point where there’s a lot of work – mostly pumping concrete, as far as we can tell when we line up at the window of our 13th floor lookout – but there’s little enough to see for the effort. The concrete is all going into the ground in long pillars of extremely-heavy-duty REO.

I’ll get there, and I’m sure they will, too. It’s not in any way a race, but I reckon I’ll finish first 🙂

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still going around

Border getting wider, but I think needs to be wider still

Borders on large objects make the object even larger. It’s the nature of borders! YoungB would have been happy to take delivery of the temperature rug with a reasonably narrow border (about where it is in the above photo). The weather is cooling, and he’d appreciate the extra warmth provided by its undoubted weightiness. I haven’t weighed it yet or calculated rough weight from yarn used.

However, because the blanket is large, I think the border should be wider – something like as wide as the side of a square, simply for visual balance – and have kept working on it. I had hoped I might finish it on the long weekend just gone, but didn’t. All the same, YoungB shouldn’t have to wait much longer before he can use it.

I hope your long weekend went according to plan, no matter how you spent it.

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long way round

I weighed some of the yarn to make sure it would get to the end 😀

Whatever you celebrate, or even if you don’t celebrate anything, I hope you’ve had an enjoyable weekend. We’ve taken things very slowly. Plans have vanished without trace and nobody has minded. When I’ve found a spare moment, or hour, I’ve worked on the border of the temperature blanket.

It is a long way, and getting longer with each round. It will be some time before I can call it done but I am happy with its progress.

I hope you’re happy with all your progress, too 🙂

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slow and not yet very exciting

Working back to enclose row 20 of 20. Yesss!

I’ve had a longer break than anticipated from the temperature blanket. For what seemed like ages, I had three more squares ready to add to row 20 and a fourth that only needed its tails tidied before it, too, could be incorporated into the last row. Slow, for sure, but progress. Then there were a few more middles and a few more tails tidied. Then came the magic moment when I sent a message to YoungB to say, “I’ve just made square 380.” It and a few of it mates weren’t added, or even ready to add. But they were made.

Last of the squares with all tails tidied and in order of appearance.

By now, I’ve tidied all the tails – isn’t that a glad sight! – added those row 20 squares and am working back on the enclosing round. This time, when I get to the bottom corner, I’ll have a Very Big Happening: I’ll actually go around the corner, not turn back and add another row. It’s enough to make me want to sit and crochet all night, but I am back at the office tomorrow. So, yeah. No all-night crochet fest for me. There’s a long weekend coming. That might be the perfect time to take it easy AND manage to get a good run at doing the last enclosing all the way back to the beginning of the blanket.

Given the number of health-related interruptions this blanket has had, I’m reconsidering the notion of a time-consuming envelope border and looking for something a good bit simpler. As long as there’s a border that ties to the colours used in the body of the blanket, that will be enough. I have lots of yarn and a plan that involves simple DC stripes or perhaps moss stitch.

May your plans, whatever they involve, be as simple or complex as you want.

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do year-long projects take a year?

The nature of temperature blankets is that they represent the temperatures for a year. In my case, the year is 2021. Had I commenced with the year and done a square a day, I couldn’t have done it in less than a year. I started late. I try to catch up, but it’s probably foolish to expect that I’ll catch up by very much. In other words, I’ll finish it a year from the starting date; more or less.

That appears to be how it’s going, if we include the border in that calculation. If we talk about the basic blanket, all squares enclosed all the way around, there’s a chance – a slender one, but a chance – that I might finish it in a shade under a year. It would bring great joy if that were its status by YoungB’s birthday, which occurs a few weeks from now.

I’m not holding my breath, as that will certainly require fewer interruptions than life generally holds, whether they be work-related or family considerations. I’m doing my best to ignore distractions. I’m also reminding myself that doing a long border – no joining, no fancy footwork – will be quicker than doing squares, despite the increasingly enormous number of stitches it will involve.

We’re transitioning back to largely office-based work in a week or so, alas. On the bright side, that may assist with progress while I’m still doing squares. I can’t take the entire blanket with me on the bus if I happen to be at an enclosing round, but the production-line centres are still an option. They are fewer than through the cold months, but there are still some rows with numerous same-coloured centres – and, as the photo shows, they’re often powder blue centres.

The length of yarn used will total a few kilometres. I’ve yet to calculate that properly. Weight calculations are tricky, for all sorts of reasons, but the weight of the finished blanket will be over 2 kilos, possibly over 3 kilos. I can say with some certainty that it’s going to be Very Heavy when wet. And, whether it takes a calendar year, or less or more, the grand total of hours involved will be greater than 380.

If you’re doing a year-long project, best of luck with shaving off a few days here and there 🙂

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blanketing the days to Christmas

Taken late at night, before packing up. Blanket-like.

Only so-many days till Christmas, I keep hearing. The number isn’t great and it’s constantly reducing. I recently calculated that I would need to make two squares per day to finish my temperature blanket by the end of the year. Logistically, that’s not impossible. If I were to dedicate serious amounts of time here and there to making more than two squares per day, I might even catch up.

I spent yesterday taking it easy because my moon boot is now off. Hooray!! However, I’d been standing about for far too long after work on Friday and the “once this was broken” part of my foot was the least of my aches and pains. I hurt all over and didn’t want to move far, so I set up my bag of yarn in the spare room. I worked out from two centres I’d done earlier (same colour) and added those. Then I made two more squares. Then – and this is the most surprising part – I worked all the way back to the end of the row. It took me hours, but I did it. That’s row 7 completed.

Today, I have done two the first two squares of row 8, as well as lots of laundry and sundry domestica. I’m hoping I might get a few more made and attached before it’s time to sort out tomorrow’s work wear and something to put on my feet.

Weekends are never long enough, I know, but I hope you’ve had a pleasant one.

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Making progress and mistakes 🙂

It doesn’t do to be too cheerful about how well you’re doing with regard to errors – or not making errors – does it? I found one in a square that simply would not sit neatly under my hook. Oh, well. It’s all about crocheting in a bit of love, isn’t it? I turned that square around so that the “design feature” will be in the border.

I shared the above photo to a crochet group to which I belong, and the JAYG method garnered many comments for its neatness. Rather than do any fancy footwork with that and potentially mess up the middle, the border strikes me as a good option.

Do you think that’s a reasonable plan?

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chopsticks again

It doesn’t look like much, or much work, but it’s a good start

The temperature blanket is coming along slowly, but it is making progress. I’m delighted by how well the colours are working together. When the first row was blocking in a column on the chopsticks (see photo), it didn’t scream “rainbow” but it was cheerful.

I’m sure you’ll be pleased to hear that I am still being very good about finishing ends as I go. Again, please refer to the photo.

I’m about to start CJAYG with the maize we’ve definitely chosen as the joining colour. A refresher video-viewing of the methodology is in order. And I think the idea of having only a couple of ends at the end is sufficient incentive to continue being good with tidying squares as they’re made.

I’m using a half-size larger hook for the joining round – a 4.5mm / size F – so that the squares sit nicely flat.

How’s your present project progressing?

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