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and one must eat, right?

How to cook perfect spaghetti alle vongole | Life and ...

Dr B enjoyed spaghetti alla vongole (Guardian photo)

I know I’ve said before that Adelaide has many first-class eateries, both CBD and metropolitan. Occasionally, there’s a large amount of travel involved, which can be a disincentive. Having said that, I often point out that, when I was a youngster, we would think nothing of driving a very long way to the seaside for exceptional coffee (of course the vendor in question has long since vanished). You can do that when you’re young. Right?!

When YoungB does a radio gig, or is at the station for a committee meeting, he occasionally grabs takeaway pizza from a nearby Italian pizzeria and restaurant. Last weekend, we dined in the restaurant section. It’s about 30 minutes from our place (and considerably less from YoungB’s workplace or mine), meaning that it requires minimal effort for us to get there from anywhere. We rumbled up in YoungB’s sporty little Italian car, whined the turbos a few times and parked right out the front. As you do. Right?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Dr B can be very picky about Italian food. He was full of praise for the meal – particularly his fresh, South Australian seafood – and we all enjoyed the ambience. YoungB was nicely surprised, too, as he’s hitherto only been in the pizzeria. We agreed we could take overseas guests to dine there and feel that we’d be in good hands.

May all your culinary adventures be equally delicious and effortless 🙂


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all change!


SAHMRI on North Terrace, Adelaide. Copyright SAHMRI.

You know how YoungB has been working as a bartender for almost two years? Well, he’s finally found a full-time job in his professional field. He’ll be working in that fabulous building, known locally as the Cheese Grater (we’re an obvious lot, as I’m sure I’ve said before). He starts work the day I start my long holiday. We’re all excited for him.

Though I say holiday, it’s actually unemployment. Of course I’m still looking for work. Equally of course, my age is more against me this time; and it was a definite deterrent last time. Realistically, however, I do need a holiday before I commence any new position, because I am physically and mentally exhausted. It’s almost five years since I started the job from which I’ve just been retrenched, one that was described by my predecessor as a nice little “roll into retirement” job.

Yeah, not so much. It was busy when I started. I put that down to end-of-financial year reporting requirements, which did play a part. But it not only never stopped being busy, it became even busier, and the obligatory two-week break over Christmas is more about exhausted collapse than genuine R&R. The last year has been a nightmare by anybody’s standards.

As mistaken as my predecessor’s comment proved, I didn’t think that I would finish, a week short of five years later, thinking, “Good riddance,” but that has proved to be the case. So, after the doors shut on Friday, we had a wake at a nearby watering hole. It’s an end, and a very sad one, but also a beginning. What sort of beginning is yet to be determined in my case.

First up, though, is some genealogy homework arising from a short course that I’m presently doing. This week it’s tracking down missing or collaborative information for some yet-to-be selected ancestor from a not-too-distant generation. I’m only looking as far back as my great grandparents for this exercise, meaning there’s hope for me to find the information without too much head-scratching. In any case, it will be a distraction from constantly rewording my resume to capture all the subtle nuances attaching to “excellent”. Yeah.

May all your beginnings reach successful conclusions, and may change be always a positive thing for you 🙂



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