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singing our way out of the gloom

You know how there are days when you just can’t lift your spirits above the gloom, no matter how nice the weather – ours presently isn’t particularly, because winter is clearly on its way – or congenial the company or anything else? You know those days when you can’t get enthused about the chores (well, I suppose that’s why they’re chores) and even the usual things that help to cheer you up just don’t? I’ve had a few like that lately. They’re minor enough, if also real enough in the sense that while our income has dwindled to practically nothing, our expenses seem to be escalating and, well, you know, it would be less gloomy all round if there were a way to make ends meet. Ours are never going to overlap but the gap between them seems to be ever-widening. (I do not for a minute imagine or suggest that we’re the only people in this situation; it’s fairly universal, I know.)

Ours weren’t precisely like this, but close. Copyright remains with

Easter proved to be a delightful time to forget about the gloom. We baked – okay, Dr B and YoungB made strucolo and crostoli; I just pottered around and dealt with all the laundry and lots of cleaning – and we tidied up a bit so that we could have Easter Sunday lunch with Nonna at our place. This time, with the assistance of songbooks and a stricter adherence to which of us would set the key, we managed to have a very jolly and quite tuneful singalong even without guitar accompaniment (not for nothing are we musicians, it must be said). YoungB was interested to read the words for songs he’s been hearing all his life but hadn’t always understood. Now that he’s able to read and understand the Italian for himself – oh, yeah, did I say these were all Italian songs; because if I didn’t, they were – he’s much better able to join in, which he willingly did.

So, even if you needed some assistance to stay in tune and you, too, were struggling to sing with full tummies, I hope you had a cheerful and musical Easter celebration, whatever form it took.

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