disappointingly bureaucratic

Maintaining cafes is not a KPI

Our office recently had a series of meetings with one of department’s senior management people, who’s visiting from interstate. On Friday, I was one of the just-enough-space-for-us people who gathered around a table to hear management’s view and contribute some views of our own.

It would be easy to be cynical about such an exercise, but I was doing my bit to be positive and make positive contributions. Then the manager repeated the message about it being necessary for us to work in the city rather than from home so that, as a logical outcome, we can patronise local coffee shops and help boost the economy.

No. I don’t care how you wrap that, it is indeed nonsense. I understand that those who rise to high bureaucratic levels have a sturdy tolerance for bullshit but the rest of us? Yeah, nah. That’s remarkably on the nose.

I hope your management people are more realistic?!

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Making progress and mistakes 🙂

It doesn’t do to be too cheerful about how well you’re doing with regard to errors – or not making errors – does it? I found one in a square that simply would not sit neatly under my hook. Oh, well. It’s all about crocheting in a bit of love, isn’t it? I turned that square around so that the “design feature” will be in the border.

I shared the above photo to a crochet group to which I belong, and the JAYG method garnered many comments for its neatness. Rather than do any fancy footwork with that and potentially mess up the middle, the border strikes me as a good option.

Do you think that’s a reasonable plan?

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so far, no special design features

I’m remarkably impressed by how well I’ve counted stitches 😀

The pure-wool, machine-washable BWM 8-ply Classic is a delight to use. I hadn’t thought the cotton blankets were difficult, but I know there were quite a few, uuh, special design features in the shape of extra stitches because I’d overlooked them despite what I’d thought had been careful counting.

The viridian yarn – middle row of the right-most square – requires specs off and a strong light or I really can’t see what I’m doing, but even with those caveats, I’m pleased to say that all the sides have the same number of stitches! What is more, they’re all the same size, even without blocking.

YoungB likes the look of the joined squares, and can now understand what I mean about working backwards and forwards to achieve genuinely continuous joining. I haven’t yet joined all the first row, and I have a l-o-n-g way to go to make all the squares. I’ll eventually reach today’s square but still be well behind. By then, however, I hope that I’m catching up overall and it will be the case that I don’t have to face joining piles of squares because I’ve joined them as I’ve made them. Actual outcome will depend on how strictly I allocate time, and how good the light remains.

Anyone who has used Robin’s tight CJAYG method will note that I’ve adapted it somewhat, but the main technique is certainly based on her excellent video tutorial.

How are your design features faring?

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a thoughtful acknowledgment

Online training and assessment to locate your skillset 🙂

YoungB made it to the end of the first week in his new job. He’s already been complimented for his typing and his minute-taking. Minute-taking is a skill, and one that benefits from scientific training, because the nub of the matter is what matters (did you see what I did there?). His boss has provided clear guidelines about what to include.

With regard to the typing, YoungB took the trouble to thank both of us, but me in particular, for attending to that part of his education. Dr B can touch-type, but I’d be telling snakies if I said he does it well. He himself would admit that he’s too impatient and that his large hands don’t always combine well with modern keyboards. The older and stiffer he gets, the harder it is to be accurate; but he’s always appreciated touch-typing as an essential skill in the computer age.

I suggested to YoungB that he should include a typing speed when he next updates his CV and resume. There’s still a place for advertising expertise in something we now take very much for granted as an everyday skill. A quick google search turns up all sorts of helpful options. The purists might argue that a typing test that allows you to correct as you go along is misleading; but correcting as we go along is one of the major benefits of computers, and how things work in the today’s office environment.

Has your typing speed improved or worsened since computer keyboards took over? 🙂

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chopsticks again

It doesn’t look like much, or much work, but it’s a good start

The temperature blanket is coming along slowly, but it is making progress. I’m delighted by how well the colours are working together. When the first row was blocking in a column on the chopsticks (see photo), it didn’t scream “rainbow” but it was cheerful.

I’m sure you’ll be pleased to hear that I am still being very good about finishing ends as I go. Again, please refer to the photo.

I’m about to start CJAYG with the maize we’ve definitely chosen as the joining colour. A refresher video-viewing of the methodology is in order. And I think the idea of having only a couple of ends at the end is sufficient incentive to continue being good with tidying squares as they’re made.

I’m using a half-size larger hook for the joining round – a 4.5mm / size F – so that the squares sit nicely flat.

How’s your present project progressing?

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new directions

Ready to brave the carpark that main roads become at peak hour

YoungB’s contract finished and he’s now in another job. It’s with a different organisation but in a related field. The physical location is not at all convenient for public transport. Hence, he’s hopped in his car until he sorts out the end-of-trip facilities available for his treadley.

At least, that’s what he’s saying and I don’t for a moment suggest that the distinctly unfriendly morning temperatures could be a factor. Not. At. All!

I hope your morning temperatures aren’t too unfriendly?


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today’s view of things

Dust! It seeped into our building

Today has certainly been weird, in terms of weather. It was balmy enough this morning – considerably warmer than yesterday morning – but the wind was brisk in every sense of the word. I wore a jacket to work, in the expectation of needing it most of the day; and I did. A colleague elected not to wear a jacket, because she was anticipating that the maximum temperature would be sufficiently warm. It might have been, but it was forecast to be that temperature around mid-afternoon when we’d be inside and beavering away at our workload and therefore unlikely to benefit greatly from the warmth. She toughed it out.

The forecast also included mention of rain but not of dust. The dust, however, was severe enough to close roads, because of poor visibility and potential for vehicular collision, and elicit the issuing of a health warning to anyone with respiratory problems. The rain came along after the dust had almost cleared but didn’t last long.

All the fairy lights on, and dust mostly gone.

I wonder what tomorrow’s weather will bring?

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my view of the morning

Still dark enough, but obviously getting lighter 🙂

So there’s daylight again, for a little while. My morning walks now have views that look like the above photo. Almost worth getting up for, I tell you 😀

I hope your mornings are equally lovely?

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their view of the weekend

There might even be fish! Photo by Gianluca D. Pompili

Aside from yesterday’s cousin catch-up, my weekend view has been mostly about laundry – I could hardly believe the number of SOCKS in YoungB’s basket! – interspersed with large amounts of cleaning and tidying, updating genealogical info, and some crochet.

The Bs’ weekend? A motorbike road trip that end up with them camping overnight in a national park. Yeah. Life’s tough. Like Dr B’s recent previous overnight camping trip, this had been postponed a few times and the decision to seize the opportunity was somewhat last minute. I’m led to believe it was worth the wait.

I hope you’ve been able to seize a few opportunities lately?


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north via the bakery

I bought a plain batch, but the cousins were on sourdough

I met up with visiting cousins this morning; it’s been over a year since we last saw each other. They sent me a message telling me where to meet them. I couldn’t work out where they were relative to where I was. My nav app wasn’t helpful. It said something like head north, and then shut down saying I’d reached my destination when I hadn’t moved! Yeah, right. So while I had a think about that, I went to a nearby bakery and bought some hot cross buns (not my photo, it’s a stock one from the web). As you do. Right?

I love the Markets – I’m sure I’ve said so before – but there’s no doubt that the decibel level is a deterrent to easy conversation. I was able to return a sheaf of genealogical notes and a few additional pages. My explanation as to where those additional pages fitted into the overall picture was necessarily brief because I was rapidly becoming hoarse.

I hope you’ve been able to catch up with the chit-chat in person?


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