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Best bib and tucker, ready to visit my colleagues

This is not QUITE 21 years ago. YoungB aged about six weeks, all dressed up in his best bib and tucker. We were on our way to visit my workmates.

No, I’m not ablogogising. Not one bit. Life is settling down after a remarkably bumpy start to the year. You’ve probably all seen the meme along the lines of January having been a practice month? Gets my vote. I’m hoping I’ll be able to get back to my computer to do something frivolous once in a while. It’s been all work, work, work. I now have to do some more work, work, work scanning photos for a DVD presentation for YoungB’s – gulp! – 21st birthday. That cannot possibly be true. But there you are. It is. He’s still just as cute :)

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the difference between men and women

Recently, I lost my iron in the sewing room. It was so lost that – and I hesitate to admit this openly – I had to ask Dr B to come and help me look for it. Imagine! It was a salutary lesson, though. I was looking for the object. He was looking for ends of power cords. I wasn’t the one who found the iron.

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how was it Monday so quickly?

Blue bows with glitter. Hot glue rules!

Blue bows with glitter. Hot glue rules!

Some wit has already pointed out that there are only a couple of sleeps left till Christmas 2016 :) I know it’s going to feel like that, but someone else suggested we should perhaps get Easter out of the way first. Gets my vote. Oh, and the 21st and the 90th and the 60th and the 30th birthdays, too. Please?

I returned to work on Monday and, although it’s often the case that I’m not entirely enthusiastic about the idea of holidays finishing, I was really not ready this year. A friend commented recently that I’m looking good. He meant rested, I imagine, because that’s one benefit of holidays, even if you’re without a car. Actually, probably all the more if you’re without a car because, unless it’s screamingly urgent (or there’s a fabulous plant involved), you don’t want to get on a bus any sooner than you have to; so you don’t leave the house much at all.

Work? Well, yeah, essential for continued wellbeing of family unit and maintaining of roof over heads but, you know? Sometimes life is more a place where some hot-glued bows with glitter on them are the only answer :)


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2015 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 3,000 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 50 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

It seems I had a fairly quiet year in all respects, not merely with regard to my creative output.

If you were one of my frequent visitors or commenters, thank you. I truly appreciate it. Any comments to which I haven’t responded, well, I hate to sound like a broken record, but technology defeated me early in the year. For example, I notice I didn’t post at all in February.

Whatever the reason, I’ll be making a big effort to do better this year. I hope your own stats were equally as fascinating?

And a very big Happy New Year to everyone :)

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the backward glance

Made it to the end, just like the year.

Made it to the end, just like the year.

Here it is, New Year’s Eve again. If you celebrate Christmas, I hope yours was happy. If you go all out for the New Year’s party, may it be wonderful and you not have too sore a head tomorrow.

2015 has been a messy year and not one I’d consider particularly productive. Having said that, my Ravelry page reminds me that I knitted fingerless mitts and crocheted (mostly Moebius) cowls, some begun long ago but all finished this year. There were 13 in total. I also failed to complete mitts that I began around the time we were moving offices, although I might well complete those in 2016, and another pair where I ran out of yarn and couldn’t find anything matching. That will require fancier footwork than I had time for when I was making them, but they have not been frogged.

With regard to sewing, apart from rescuing various bits of this and that – YoungB’s jeans, mostly – I made four cooling neck bandannas for the Bloody Long Walk. I also produced 270 metres of bunting for Eldest Niece’s wedding and some lavender bags for a raffle prize, as well as some pockets for YoungB’s motorcycling armour (additional protection for a couple of long road trips). Perhaps I didn’t need to do a lot else.

My other mighty commitment and achievement for the year was training for and completing the Bloody Long Walk, with splendid support from workmates, everyone in the family and my HiTec boots. Even though I said I wouldn’t do the BLW again, Youngest Aunt and I agreed only the other day that we need to start training soon :)

YoungB returned from Italy and has managed to reach the end of his academic year with reasonable results. I think that’s as much as we could have expected from him, considering how much he struggled to regain momentum and motivation.

Also, Eldest Niece is now a married lady and her wedding to Mr Eldest Niece was one of the happiest such occasions I have ever attended. The bunting looked good, too :)

Christmas? Yes, it happened. I managed to get our Advent Calendar hanging a few days before it was required and the tree up before Christmas Day. Winner! We spent time with family and friends and if things were more chaotic than usual because of unexpected equipment failures – vacuum cleaner, gearbox in family car – and some equally unexpected medical issues, then it didn’t detract from our enjoyment of the occasion.

I’ve managed to read a few books – too few; but I generally don’t have a lot of opportunity to read except on public transport and, although I’m on that for hours of every working day, I’m sometimes too tired to make the effort – and feel particularly chuffed to have finished the latest title in the Inspector Ricciardi series by Maurizio De Giovanni, one that YoungB brought back from Italy for me.

I’ve successfully reached the halfway point in an online family history unit I’m undertaking through the University of Tasmania. In real terms, my genealogical research is often shelved for months at a stretch because life happens and it’s not the most important thing. In this instance, I’ve renewed subscriptions to this, that and the next genealogical website and/or organisation and started delving into written records because there’s nobody left to ask. Like most of us, I don’t have to look far to find mysteries. I’m toying with which mystery to investigate further for the long, final assignment.

And in something utterly unrelated to anything, we’ve wound up the year splendidly with a trip to the Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens to see a rare event: the flowering of an Amorphophallus Titanum, also known as Titan Arum or corpse flower. The day was stinking, even if the flower wasn’t (at least when we were there). There were koalas watching us from some nearby tall gums. It was a fitting finale for 2015.



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bows or bow-ties but not both

You remember last year I was in the pink team for our end-of-year organisation-wide party? This year I’m in the blue team. As far as clothing is concerned, that’s not going to be difficult (whereas the pink was a considerable effort).

However, the silliness aspect? There are eight people in the team. I offered to make bow ties or shoe bows. No, no, they’re not going to be fancy. Pinking shears on single-layer fabric, that’s all. I’m raiding my deep, deep stash to haul out some fabric that dates back to high school sports uniform days. Venerable. Blue. Sturdy. And, I hope, enough!

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then the Cup, the Cave and then

Looking for an opportunity to dress up and have fun? Can't do better than the Races!

Looking for an opportunity to dress up and have fun? Can’t do better than the Races!

I probably need to decode that, don’t I? The photo was taken at Derby Day.

If you’re in Australia, or possibly if you’re an avid horse-racing fan, you’ll know what’s coming up this week: The Melbourne Cup. In metropolitan Melbourne, it’s a public holiday. Elsewhere, we down tools for an hour or so. We have sweeps at the office, enjoy a chicken-and-champagne lunch while we watch the race and might also have silly-hat competitions and things of that ilk. Of course, it’s not without its problems and detractors and there are undoubtedly good reasons for that.

And if you’re in South Australia, you’ll know that after the Cup, it’s time for the Pageant and the Man in Red taking up residence at the Magic Cave. This year, his plaster equivalent, the one that once upon a time was on the portico of the relevant department store, will be greeting shoppers from a new locale at the Central Market. And the next C after that? Yep, it’s that one associated with tinsel. Cripes, is roughly my reaction to that idea. I’ve been watching people’s posts about how few shopping days there are left. This morning, though? Someone posted, “Next month” and I thought, well, hasn’t that come along quickly?

As I say every year, no, it hasn’t. Christmas is a fixed feast. Unlike Easter, it doesn’t change from year to year. But, yeah, heck, doesn’t last Christmas feel like it was only yesterday? And I’m sure it’s not a year since I had to fossick around and pull out the Advent calendar but, you know, it obviously is.

Sewing plans? Knitting plans? Crafting plans of any sort? Uuuh, no. Mostly, I plan to get to Christmas without killing myself or anyone else. That will rank as enough of an achievement this year, I think! What about you?


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